Waiting Chunk Loading ! ( Doesn't function Properly )

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by Mr. Crain, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Summary of the problem Chunk Loading ! ( Doesn't function Properly )

    Pack Version 1.0.1

    What is the bug? FTB Utilities Chunk Loading (via the Claiming Map) is not working. I have 3 chunks "loaded", the center being a 9x9 Rice Farm. When I am online, chunk loads perfectly. Offline..no joy. This is server wide. Looked into the EU2 Chunk Loading Ward...did the golden lasso with villager..still, can't craft it. Assuming these are config changes or disabled items, but none the less, there should be procedures on how to reverse the changes properly.

    Mod & Version FTB Utilities and Extra Utilities 2

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix Please Tell Me!
  2. arisado

    arisado New Member

    This is not a bug its working like this. I think it can be changed in the config to also keep the chunks loaded if the player is offline, but
    usually its just if the player is online (and maybe only if the chunks are visited once dont know that for sure. But this is how most other chunklaoders are working).
  3. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    I will second this issue on another server I own and operate. FTBU chucnk load do not get reloaded at server restart. Which is what I have my scripted to do once a day. This is not how chunk loading should work. It needs to be loaded at server restart not by players being on-line. Where is the option for force FTBU to keep the chunks loaded at all time? I've never seen it in the config?
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  4. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    I think you are right as far as the FTB Utilities Chunk loading only working when the player is online...but I'm basing my functionality off of FTB Infinity Evolved..whereas this same application would load the chunk regardless if the player was online or not. I went a week without playing Infinity Evolved, and when I came back my chunks had been working the entire time. I need this back in my life lol.
  5. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Reported to Dev
  6. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Heck yeah! Thank you Mr. Fox!
    And again, not looking for Devs to redesign the wheel for chunkloading...maybe just a set of procedures to do it ourselves?
  7. phit

    phit New Member

    There seems to be some confusion here, by default offline chunkloading for players is disabled! Here's an example config (you need to enable ranks in the ftbu config.json for this to work)
    Unfortunately even when setting this, offline chunkloading doesn't seem to work. It worked in the past, but the recent FTBU update broke it. This also applies in Direwolf20 1.7.0, that update broke chunkloading for that aswell.
      "default_ranks": {
        "player": "player",
        "op": "op"
      "ranks": {
        "player": {
          "parent": "builtin_player",
          "permissions": [
          "config": {
            "ftbu.chunkloader.max_chunks": 15,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.offline_timer": 48.0,
            "ftbu.claims.max_chunks": 25
        "op": {
          "parent": "builtin_op",
          "syntax": "<&2$name&r> ",
          "permissions": [
          "config": {
            "ftbu.chunkloader.max_chunks": 100,
            "ftbu.chunkloader.offline_timer": 96.0,
            "ftbu.claims.max_chunks": 300
  8. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    (Posting this here as well as the FTB Release Forum...Sorry if this is not the way to go?)

    Morning Mr. Phit!

    So this looks fine and dandy and I can't wait to try it when I get home this evening; however, those same 3 lines of code concerning chunk loading were in that "all configs" HTML as well. Do you have the same file structure with yours? When you open the "all configs" with a browser..it gives the meaning behind the #.# and 48 wasn't one of them. It was "-1-" "1.0" and "-1" if I remember correctly. I took screen shots of the files in my /local/ftbu if you are interested in continuing to help a brotha out.
    @phit @Henry Link @tfox83
  9. phit

    phit New Member

    All permissions and all configs are just to show you what nodes are available, don't bother editing them.
  10. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Ah, well ain't that some crap! So .. back to the enable of "ranks". You mentioned that it's broke and I'm guessing it still is, so for now I'll chalk that one up as a loss. I also saw in the modpack/scripts last night where a line had been added to disable that EU2 Chunk Loading Ward. I was told yesterday that commenting out that line would be all I needed to do to get that guy to work...have you had any experience with this one before I waste time on it, or can you think of any other config that may overwrite this automatically ?

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