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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Sigma85, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Sigma85

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    I know I should have some screens of my own to be posting here, but I think this is still the right place to post this anyways.
    So I noticed a trend in mods adding new decorative blocks. Railcraft adds a set of basic colored bricks of sorts, MF Reloaded did as well, then there's Extra Utilities and Random Things dyeing of vanilla blocks, and I really like the Chisel mod and Carpenters Blocks mod. I really want to make my base look nice AND functional this time around. I just started a new world, and before I build my base, I was wanting to find some inspiration. Having all these options seems overwhelming, so I was hoping someone could post some good uses of carpenters blocks and Chisel so I can get an idea of how they all go together. There's alot of option just for each type of wood, but I really cant seem to get them to go together yet...After I get some ideas, I will see what I build, then post my results here too if anyone replies. Ciao !
  2. DanteGalileo

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    Watch Nicadplays' Summer Mod Pack series on YouTube. He has a good aesthetic sense and that series is what introduced be to both Chisel and Carpenter's Slope/Blocks. Now I find it hard to live without either.

    Bevolj, too, on his utopia3 series but I think the first guy I mentioned has the best aesthetic sense of any guy I watch.
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  3. Sigma85

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    Thanks, I will check them out right now
  4. KingTriaxx

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    Also have a look at Saice's videos. He uses carpenters and chisel nearly to the exclusion of basic MC materials, but everything looks fabulous.
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  5. Bevo

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    I also highly recommend checking out Saice's videos. The dude is a brilliant builder. His build on our previous RRLP World is what got me into using these two mods together. He doesn't build big, or grand, just very well. One of the few times where the first time I visited someones base I was left struck dumb(er? lol).

    His channel:
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  6. casilleroatr

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    I know that there a lot of woods in the game and some of the nicest ones require forestry breeding which is fine and everything, but to the uninitiated like me the whole mechanic is a bit daunting. Natura and Biomes o plenty add a smaller range of wood types that are much easier to get, making it easier to make a judgement on which woods work best in a given build.

    The carpenter's chisel can be used to overlay patterns onto over carpenter's blocks. Some blocks that already have detailed textures don't necessarily work well with this but simple textured blocks like stained clay can look really nice with some of the carpenter's chisel patterns. One thing I like to do is use some of the dense patterns (there is one that looks like the chiseled quartz pattern that is good for this) on the edge of a wall or slope that would normally be monotextured to provide extra definition.

    Carpenter's fences have three simple cuboid fence posts of varying thickness that can be used to make nice tapered columns.

    If you are having trouble with melting ice you can put it in a carpenter's block and it will stay intact. Occasionally it doesn't render as nicely though (at least on fast graphics).

    Carpenter's blocks and microblocks also let light through so you can light your floors up from below.

    One of my favourite block combos involve the chisel limestone blocks and different shades of brown wood, especially walnut from forestry. Its a shame chisel limestone doesn't seem to like being microblocked, but maybe thats just my modpack.
  7. Sigma85

    Sigma85 New Member

    OMG, Saice is talented to say the least. I just discovered some blocks I didn't see before, as well as the NEI option to type @ and then a mods name to sort the recipe list by mod. Guess I shoulda read NEIs docs sooner. Anyway, has anyone used these temple blocks or factory blocks before. I want to see a detailed ice temple with all those ice bricks and whatnot too. And I forgot about the chisel's overlay thingies. My god, its overwhelminng. I

    'm new to aesthetic building, I usually just rush through the tech tree throwing everything in a mined out cave home wherever it will
    I built my first medium sized house using slopes for the roof, its nothing great, but I am getting a feel for how it all works. Thinking about posting a picture-through since I lag like crazy when recording videos, my latest mod count reached 206 ! I think I may need to re-think how I build modpacks next time I make You'd be surprised whats missng though, like Ender IO, and AE. Some people call them "essential" and somehow they havent made it in. Thanks for these YT links though, theres ALOT of channels on there finding exactly what u want is tough sometimes...

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