Waiting Chisel Diorite, andesite does give stone chiseled instead

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by Dodge34, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Summary of the problem Chisel Diorite, andesite does give stone chiseled instead

    Pack Version 1.1.0

    What is the bug? Try to get thoses nice looking variant of diorite and andesite that are showing up in JEI, but once you place diorite or andesite in your chisel, you'll only get the Stone version, its like those are registered like stone in Chisel, Granite works fine.

    Mod & Version ChiselMC1.10.2-

    Link to log file No crash log its a crafting issue

    Is it repeatable? Yes, restarted server and client tried on client only in single player, still same problem, only Granite is working fine, andesite and diorite are broken and can't be chiseled nicely like the JEI shows us.

    Known Fix Can't fix this issue, I'm keeping my stock of andesite and diorite for later when its fixed, its a nice building material but without the Chisel variant, its getting boring really quickly.
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  3. Dodge34

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    I really hope the FTB team has more power than me for this kind of report, I did a report on the Chisel github in I think early October 2016 reporting the same issue, and still, nothing was done to correct this issue, this really needs a fix, the blocks look amazing, but we can't craft them with the Chisel, I cheated some and they look awesome.
  4. Dodge34

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    Ok, found the culprit, its a config issue with DarkUtilities that register vanilla stone to an oredictionnary entry, the config can be safely turned to false, even if the mod claim it will prevent several of its recipes from working the guys at Chisel confirmed it was only aesthetics like you can craft stone pressure plate with two andesite, diorite or granite instead of having to smelt cobble into stone, so I suggest you may want to edit the configs of the next version of FTB Beyond accordingly, you can find the thread where I submitted this problem to the Chisels team in October 2016, for some reasons I didn't receive any notifications from them but the subject is still active. https://github.com/Chisel-Team/Chisel/issues/280

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