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Whitelist Server --[[CGN]]-- | Direwolf20 1.0.18 | Mature Players | Teamspeak | Essentials | GriefProtected

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Cobra_Gaming, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Kaffein

    Kaffein New Member

    Ingame Name: deKaff
    Age: 22
    Email: [email protected]
    Ever been Banned: No
    Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): I have a mic? But never used Teamspeak before
    Agree to the Rules: Yes Sir
  2. mezzoforteish

    mezzoforteish New Member

    In game name: mezzoforteish
    Age: 18
    Email: [email protected]
    Ever been banned: no
    Have teamspeak (not mandatory): yes
    Agree to the rules: yes
  3. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

  4. thugingawesome

    thugingawesome New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:thugman131
    [*]Email:[email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned:no
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules:if I didn't I wouldn't have applyed
  5. xastan58

    xastan58 New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:xastan58
    [*]Email: z[email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned:no
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):no
    [*]Agree to the Rules: of course
  6. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Both added.
  7. Codename456

    Codename456 New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:Codename456
    [*]Email:[email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: I have been banned once but that as because they added a new rule while I was playing and didn't know I couldn't place water outside my claim and they banned me for it
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):I don't have one at this time
    [*]Agree to the Rules: I agree to all rules
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2014
  8. Target

    Target New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: chewieeeee (5 e's)
    [*]Age: 17
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: No.
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes.
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Yes.
  9. JoOsepstein

    JoOsepstein New Member

    *]Ingame Name: JoOsepstein
    [*]Age: 19 years old
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: Never
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Atm im not planning on using it, but maybe :)
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Ofcourse
  10. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Added but ensure you keep up to date on the rules as this is your responsibility to ensure you understand rules. Any rule changes are put in the announcements and we tend to not just ban but give people a chance to explain as we are aware people make mistakes :)[DOUBLEPOST=1390442438][/DOUBLEPOST]

  11. Komoxiz

    Komoxiz New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: SepticSauce
    [*]Age: 19
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: Nope
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Of course :)
  12. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

  13. Andssup

    Andssup New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: Jamessy
    [*]Age: 17
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: loads of times xD never for any good reason :p
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): yessum
    [*]Agree to the Rules: sure, why not
  14. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    God no lol added :p
  15. Soloman84

    Soloman84 New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: Soloman84
    [*]Age: 29
    [*]Email: pm'd to you(rather not post it)
    [*]Ever been Banned: Never
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Absolutely
  16. AzureNight

    AzureNight New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: AzureNight
    [*]Age: 17
    [*]Email: PM'd to you because it contains my real name.
    [*]Ever been Banned: Nope.
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes. Love to chat it up also.
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Absolutely.
  17. WildStarOrion

    WildStarOrion New Member

    Ingame Name: WildStarOrion
    Age: 39
    Ever been Banned: Never been banned
    Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): I have teamspeak installed
    Agree to the Rules: Yes
  18. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Added all 3
  19. MedLuke

    MedLuke New Member

    Hey everyone, I've been looking for a server, and I'm a friend of missstinkybum :)

    [*]Ingame Name: MedLuke
    [*]Age: 21
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: Nope
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): I haven't got teamspeak.
    [*]Agree to the Rules: I do agree to the rules.

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