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Whitelist Server --[[CGN]]-- | Direwolf20 1.0.18 | Mature Players | Teamspeak | Essentials | GriefProtected

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Cobra_Gaming, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member


    Cobra Gaming Network

    Server IP: direwolf.cobragaming.net.au

    Version: 1.0.18

    Server Updates and News will be updated on CGNS own Website so please be sure to visit and register at our site for updates and news.

    We have two dedicated servers that run this and we also have our very own Private Modpack for those that subscribe to our server.

    Who Are We?
    We are a small network of gamers that enjoy playing FTB Modded Minecraft. We are friendly and mature players that realise that we all have a life and simply like to relax and enjoy playing without the stress of people grieffing, or causing trouble and are also able to work either as a group or on there own. Whatever your play style is you will find the members freindly and helpful. We also have other non minecraft games available which can be seen on our site.

    Website : http ://www.cobragaming.net.au

    We currently run 2 seperate Dedicated servers 24GB on each running

    • FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4
    • Private Modpack On The ATLauncher (Invite Only To Subscribers)
    What Are We Looking For?

    We are looking for mature players that are at least 16 or older that are looking for a easy going community to play some FTB Direwolf, People that want to join the community and most importantly have fun and not take things too seriously as this is only a game and is meant to be enjoyed.


    • No Greifing
    • No Quarries except for in the Minng Age and to Deep Deep Dark.
    • Respect all players and staff (Staff do like to play the game as well :) )
    • No arguments (take it off the server or we will remove you from the server)
    • No Hate Comments, Racism will be Tolerated
    • Be respectful In Teamspeak if banned from Teamspeak you will be banned from Server also.
    • Admins Decisions are Final.
    • Mystcraft Ages are only to be made by Admins. We provide access to the Nexus and Linking books to players Bases if requested and at Admins Discretion..
    This is not a PVP Based Server so any non agreed PVP will not be allowed.

    Feel free to check out all the rules here http://cobragaming.net.au/minecraft/

    About The Server

    The server runs the below plugins

    • GriefPrevention (Players Responsibilty to ensure its used)
    • Essentials
    • Permissions
    • MCPC+
    • ConvoSync (Cross Server Chat able to talk to players on the Monster Server also)
    • Coreprotect
    • Dynmap
    We backup the server map hourly and the entire server is backed up before each update. We run the latest pack and updates are generally installed within 24 hours of there release. The server is up 24 hours 7 days a week in a US Datacentre. We are running a single SSD Drive and, all backups are held off the main SSD drive onto a separate Hard drive to ensure Redundancy.

    • We proved also portals to the mining age, The End, The Promised Land, The nether.
    The staff are freindly and approachable if you need anything feel free to message one of them to get any help that your require.

    To apply we have only limited spots of 20 slots so be sure to get in quick. Simply reply to this thread to apply using the following template.

    Mods Enabled : All Disabled Mods
    Please note Twilight Forest is temporarily Disabled
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2014
  2. shadowgod1

    shadowgod1 New Member

    age 27
    [email protected]
    no i have never been banned from a sever
    i don't have teamspeak at the moment
    i agree to the rules
  3. teh_nexus

    teh_nexus New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: teh_nexus
    [*]Age: 23
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: not that I know of
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): I have it just never use it
    [*]Agree to the Rules: indeed
  4. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Added Private Messaged the Address to you both
  5. OmegaStarAlpha

    OmegaStarAlpha New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: OmegaStarAlpha
    [*]Age: 37
    [*]Email: pm'd to you(would rather not openly post it)
    [*]Ever been Banned: Never
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes, use it daily.
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Absolutely
  6. Juiceball

    Juiceball New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: juiceball
    [*]Age: 18
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: never
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes, however i cant use it all the time
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Of course!
  7. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Added Welcome

    Added Welcome
  8. Madassasin202

    Madassasin202 New Member

    Ingame Name: madassassin202
    Age: 17
    Email: [email protected]
    Ever been Banned: Nope
    Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes however I prefer listening to music whilst I play.
    Agree to the Rules: Agreed
  9. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Added on trial
  10. Sagnid

    Sagnid New Member

    Ingame Name: sagnid
    Age: 30
    Email: [email protected]
    Ever been Banned: No
    Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes
    Agree to the Rules: Agreed
  11. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

  12. Weird0

    Weird0 New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: Gralad
    [*]Age: 29
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: No
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): Yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Yes
  13. hale543

    hale543 New Member

    [*]Ingame Name: hale543
    [*]Age: mature 16
    [*]Email: [email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned: no
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): yes but usually can't use it
    [*]Agree to the Rules: Yes

    MAZINGDEEDS69 New Member

    *]Ingame Name:MAZINGDEEDS69
    [*]Email:[email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned:no
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory): no
    [*]Agree to the Rules absoulutley
  15. Manny

    Manny New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:liam_t_123
    [*]Email:[email protected]
    [*]Ever been Banned:yes for griefing 5 years ago. stupid kid playing with stupid friends.
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules:yes
  16. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member

    Thanks for the honesty have been added on trial for now
  17. iTouchMyself

    iTouchMyself New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:xSimplename
    [*]Ever been Banned:No
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):No
    [*]Agree to the Rules:Yes
  18. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member



  19. Blankshift

    Blankshift New Member

    [*]Ingame Name:Blankshift
    [*]Ever been Banned:No
    [*]Have Teamspeak (Not Mandatory):Yes
    [*]Agree to the Rules:Yes
  20. Cobra_Gaming

    Cobra_Gaming New Member


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