Certain Block Break prevention.[Solved]

Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by .Sullivan., Dec 13, 2014.

  1. .Sullivan.

    .Sullivan. New Member


    I'm looking for a plugin or a method of allowing players to break only certain blocks around the world. This controls players to being able to only break trees/ores ect. And not grass, stone, gravel, sand and so on.

    I am using a plugin called Mineral Manager to respawn wood blocks and ores, World guard disallows players to break blocks within the __global__ region when set however that goes from block 0 to 256. When I add a region set priority level 1 and allow the player to be a member of that region it also allows breaking grass/stone blocks. Trying to rack my brain on an alternate solution via plugin.

    Plugins installed:
    -World Guard
    -World Edit
    -Mineral Manager
    -Greif Prevention.

    Any recommendations and suggestions are welcome.
  2. Akan0

    Akan0 New Member

    Maybe skript?

    On mine dirt:
    Cancel event
  3. .Sullivan.

    .Sullivan. New Member

    I know World Guard is open source so Im sure creating a "on-break" flag would work.

    I just so happen to find EssentialsAntiBuild which I am testing right now.
  4. Akan0

    Akan0 New Member

    I mean plugin called: skript
  5. .Sullivan.

    .Sullivan. New Member

    Would know how to quickly do that? I would love to read through the tutorial but I need a quick fix right now.
  6. .Sullivan.

    .Sullivan. New Member

    Thank you man! Helped alot and opened up a new realm of possibilities for me!
  7. goreacraft

    goreacraft New Member

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