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  1. irab88

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    Summary of the problem Can't make bolt cores? 3.0.4

    Pack Version 3.0.0

    What is the bug? Pouring iron onto tough or regular tool rods does not create bolt cores. Tried with both wood and bone rods, both tough and non-tough. Unless that's not how you make one, in which case the recipe needs to be added.

    Mod & Version Tinker's construct

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes. Try making a bolt core.

    Known Fix
  2. therodet

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    Use an arrow shaft in place of a tool rod.
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  3. irab88

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    Thank you. There seem to be a number of recipes left out. Your simple description is either nowhere to be found, or is buried. In the TiCon book (in game), it just says "see crafting instructions" but not much else.

    The pack is 99.9% there. A few things drive me nuts, but overall, best SF pack to-date.
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  4. Darkosto

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    I mean, yeah I agree but this is not really a modpack issue. It's more of a Tinkers' issue not yet fully implementing the recipes into JEI (if they even want to do that, which I'm not sure what their plan is). Honestly, with all those new features in the mod, the guide book should be a required read to get caught up to speed on what's new and different.

    Having said all that, I expect more information to be given as the mod adds new features and fixes bugs.
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  5. irab88

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    Thanks for that. I'll probably read it tonight.

    My understanding of mod interactions is... limited. Makes sense, thanks for the insight.
  6. KnightMiner

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    Beginning of the tools section in the book, its been there for a long time
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  7. asb3pe

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    Page 26 in the Tinkers book states "The Bolt Crafting page explains how to craft the parts." But for the last hour I've been pulling my hair out because I couldn't find any such section in the book.

    I finally ended up here reading this thread... and it turns out I never thought to search backwards in the book for the Bolt Crafting instructions! Yeah I'm a dummy, but I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one fooled by this one!

    Once again it proves the point that you can't assume anything, that's the first moment of failure, when we assume anything. My bad for not re-reading the entire Tinkers book, but gosh is that a head-scratcher to put a referenced section BEFORE the reference. Nice job. LOL

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