Bug Can't join team/island after no-saplings forced restart.

Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by usafphoenix, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. usafphoenix

    usafphoenix New Member

    First time running through got 0 saplings from tree. forced restart of map. deleted map, and recreated from template. When attempting to restart, console output says i haven't joined or created a team, but clicking on the [Click Here] that i did the first time around results in error: "This feature is disabled!".

    Essentially the pack must now be completely deleted and re-installed if i want to play....Which, i'll be doing the first half of, until this issue is resolved.
  2. usafphoenix

    usafphoenix New Member

    also, attempting "/ftb team join " command results in same error: "This feature is disabled!"
    opening game to lan, enabling cheats and repeating doesn't fix issue. and
    /ftb team leave results in "you must be in a team to do that!"

    /ftb team gui also results in "disabled" error.
  3. slowpoke

    slowpoke Administrator FTB Founder

    This should be fixed in the updated release which should be out later today.

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