Can't install BetterSnow mod

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by cluedo97, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. cluedo97

    cluedo97 New Member

    Hello I have tried to install this mod in any way I can come up with, like putting it in all of the mod folders and directly putting it in the Minecraft.jar folder. have anyone else tried to install this mod if so did it work and how but if not can someone test to install it

    I have tested to install the mod in 1.6.4 horizons and direwolf20 modpacks and the game starts up fine but the mod doesn't load at all. I have looked in the log and it says that it misses a ''mc...log'' file witch is for forge I think and I have also seen this message ''FML has found a non mod-file''

    I hope someone can get this right because I want to have that Christmas felling in the game
  2. DrowElf

    DrowElf New Member

    Copying this over from another thread where I just said this.
    Click the edit modpack button while you have the modpack you want to change selected, click Add Mod, navigate to the new mod, select it, then click open.
  3. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    I got it working, but it's a sneaky mod in the sense that it won't show up as a loaded mod. The only way to know if it worked is to load a world, make it snow, and wait a little bit.

    It's a jar mod, so you have to put it IN the .jar. It's probably easier to use FTB's "jar mod" tab and put it there.
  4. cluedo97

    cluedo97 New Member

    oh thanks, you can also see if it's working by looking in settings and there is a tab called something like snow settings
  5. Dex Luther

    Dex Luther New Member

    Glad you got it working.

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