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Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by Fearzu, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Fearzu

    Fearzu New Member

    Summary of the problem Cannot craft Tin Gears

    Pack Version 1.4

    What is the bug? Tin gears cannot be crafted. The recipe of 4 tin ingots (thermal), and 1 iron ingot produces no item.

    Mod & Version 1.4

    Link to log file None

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix None
  2. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    Is this on server or single player.

    Works fine for me both on server with 1.4.0 and single player 1.4.0.

    Do you have a log?
  3. Fearzu

    Fearzu New Member

    This is on server, There is nothing in any of the logs that mention any errors with gears.

    Edit: Works fine in single player. Tried loading server with fresh configs/mods folders, same result. Confirmed other players experience the same thing.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  4. Fearzu

    Fearzu New Member

    The only way I have worked around this is by adding a craft tweaker recipe for the tin gear. This may be limited to our server, though I do not see any errors or logs indicating a cause.
  5. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    Make sure the scripts folder is there as well.

    Is this a updated server from a previous version?
  6. Fearzu

    Fearzu New Member

    Scripts folder is there along with expected files. Server was updated from 1.3 to 1.4.
  7. xElementzx

    xElementzx Guest

    We had this issue too, we added the craft tweaker recipe to fix it, we updated from 1.2->1.4 but reset the map
  8. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    When you updated - what files did you replace?
    (scripts folder is one of them)
  9. Fearzu

    Fearzu New Member

    Replaced all of the usual files and folders. Scripts, mods, configs, etc. followed the upgrade documentation like I usually do.
  10. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Cannot duplicate, please make sure you overwrite all your script files every update server side.

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