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Candy's server mindcrack mod pack white list 25+ year old

Discussion in '[OLD] SMP Server Promotion' started by Alex963candy, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

    Server full for now ... registration close

    Hello and welcome to Candy' s server. I am a french Canadien so plz forgive my english. The server gone be a co-op / survival experience. Difficulty is set at hard. The gold gone be to build a center city where we all can live simple life but on they outer edge of that city each person gone be able to build is place, play magic , build castle ect... Since i am running the server on me second computer (quad-core 8G ram Ubuntu 12.04) i am not sure about how many ppl i gone be able to suport. Right now 20 slot or open may change over time. Server shoud be running 24/7. Happy mining and see u soon

    Server IP : New IP
    Running on minecrack pack V7

    Got one extra mod u can find the config and mod here : http://www.mediafire.com/?9991tlzxn1grd9c
    config go in your config file and the mod go in the mod file

    Server Rules:
    1. Don't grief.
    2. You can ask if you need something.
    3. Don't steal items or anything.
    4. Respect admins and other players.
    5. Don't spam.
    6. Don't ask for op or any other rank.
    7. Help the community
    8. No taumtcraft near principal village ( have fun at your house)
    9. PvP only on demand
    Whitelist app:
    Are u more then 25 year old:
    Your goal in game:
    Will you abide by the rules?
  2. teh_nexus

    teh_nexus New Member

    Age: 22
    IGN: teh_nexus
    Your goal in game: I'm looking for a server I can start shooting my lets play videos
    Will you abide by the rules?: Naturally
  3. Littggr

    Littggr New Member

    Age: 21
    IGN: littggr
    Your goal in game: factory to build any item on demand
    Will you abide by the rules? yes
  4. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

    sorry i am looking for ppl 25+ like it said in the title[DOUBLEPOST=1356300293][/DOUBLEPOST]
    25+ year old like put in the title sorry
  5. Littggr

    Littggr New Member

    oh well, see ya in 4 years ;)
    Alex963candy likes this.
  6. shidima301

    shidima301 New Member

    Are u more then 25 year old: Yes, I am 34.
    IGN: shidima301
    Your goal in game: Mine, build & Try not to get lost in all the things I can craft.Will you abide by the rules? Yes
    Alex963candy likes this.
  7. Tcafitra

    Tcafitra New Member

    Are u more then 25 year old: Yes (33 years old)
    IGN: Tcafitrauk1
    Your goal in game: I will help people if they need but mostly I will find a shady spot on the server, building/experimenting with the mods (mostly seeing what's new with RedPower), and exploring Twilight forest.
    Will you abide by the rules? Yes, of course.
    Alex963candy likes this.
  8. katistrofik

    katistrofik New Member

    This is an application for two people, I hope that's alright!

    Are u more then 25 year old: Yes, we are. I am 28, my friend is 26
    IGN: Tandresh, Someone62684
    Your goal in game: To play around with Mindcrack, because it looks like a lot of fun. Also, to help out a bit with questions (as we have some experience with some of the included mods)
    Will you abide by the rules: Oui!
    Alex963candy likes this.
  9. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member


    acepted u r on the with list
  10. wendictive

    wendictive New Member

    IGN: wendictive
    age: 40 (female)
    Country: denmark

    my goal is to have fun and make friends ingame... singleplayer just isnt enough anymore... ive tried some 142 servers but seems slowpoke is removing 142 so lets try this new one. Hope you will accept me

    regards wendictive
    Alex963candy likes this.
  11. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

  12. Cantankerous_Rex

    Cantankerous_Rex New Member

    Whitelist app:

    Are u more then 25 year old: Aged 41, seriously old
    IGN: Cantankerous_Rex
    Your goal in game: to learn the new mods, make some friends, build some stuff
    Will you abide by the rules? Yes
  13. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

    add to white list Welcome
  14. JoeC2ed

    JoeC2ed New Member

    Whitelist app:
    Are u more then 25 year old: I am 25 Years of Age
    IGN: Armergthol
    Your goal in game: Hope to help build a community with People that enjoy minecraft. awe most like the Minecrack server its self. I hope I will be accepted.. I awe so bring grate Knowledge about most of the mods
    Will you abide by the rules? Yes I will abide by all the rules

    I hope to see you In game soon.
  15. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

    ad to white list Welcome
  16. wendictive

    wendictive New Member

    ty :) omw
  17. Alex963candy

    Alex963candy New Member

    add to white list Welcome[DOUBLEPOST=1356304835][/DOUBLEPOST]restarting real quic server shoud be up now
  18. XDeathsRevengeX

    XDeathsRevengeX New Member

    Are you more then 25 year old: Yes (34 years old)
    IGN: XDeathsRevengeX
    Your goal in game: I'm not too sure really, I think I'll just help people and hope to build whatever I can come up with. Also my main aim will be a giant mining drill built with RP2.
    Will I follow the rules: Yes.
  19. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Are u more then 25 year old: Yes, 27 as of Black Friday
    IGN: bwillb
    Your goal in game: Master magic and science, or die trying :D
    Will you abide by the rules? Indeed.
  20. JoeC2ed

    JoeC2ed New Member

    I hope to get back on soon again I Keep geting kicked from server Hope to resolve soon

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