Can anyone give me a guide on Extreme Reactors?

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I'm looking for new power options, and I'm interested in doing Extreme Reactors. I don't really understand it that much (since I'm pretty new to modded survival), so can anyone give me a quick general guide? Maybe about the fuel, automation, and power generation?


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Dec 8, 2012
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Fuel is Yellorium, which you mine up. I don't know if you can still run things on blutonium or not, but it has uses in construction of higher tier turbines.

Automation is fairly trivial. When you build the multi-block, you build the ports where you want them. Fuel goes in, power comes out. You can fairly trivially set up an automated shutoff by comparing the internal power reserve with the fuel rods usage, until it shuts down at full power reserve.

Yes, it produces power.

Honestly, the best 'guide' is already found in-game when you try to form the multiblock, so you might want to try that instead of an extremely vague and unclear post asking people to tell you what to do ;)
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Jul 24, 2013
Another thing you could do is watch any of Direwolf20's LP videos on youtube. He runs his own pack(s) and has a series for every version of MC his pack has been created for (1.7, 1.10 and probably 1.12 very soon). He has included Extreme Reactors (and it's ancestral mods) since it was first introduced.

Since his packs run mods that have very little modification (no changed recipes, etc) you can be sure that the builds are as close to the same as the original modders' intended them to be.

In addition, he does "Mod Spotlight" videos on most mods, although the Extreme Reactor vid might be a bit dated. He also was one of the first to automate reactors using Computercraft. [Edit] He also has his "computer" code available for download and mentions how to get it while setting up the automation.

All of his LPs and Spotlights are collected in playlists on Youtube. The LPs also have World Downloads every 10 episodes or so so you can get and run in-progress worlds identical to those in the videos to play along if you want.
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I'm currently following his season 8 series, but still on episode 23/100+. I watched that series since it started until episode 13 or so, but stopped for 6 months because my laptop broke and I had to get a new one, but since I'm still in school I didn't have time to get a new one so I got it on mid June this year.


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Apr 25, 2013
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If you are looking for a general overview of how things need to pe put together, the Big Reactors tutorials from mc 1.7.10 are still relevant. Right now it is a fairly straightforward port with some minor tweaks. Big Reactor Simulator is also still a useful design tool, although exact performance may vary a bit, especially if playing a pack with it's own ideas about balance.