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Discussion in 'FTB Presents HermitPack 1.10.2' started by Aerodoth, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Aerodoth

    Aerodoth Guest

    Summary of the problem Broken Recipe - Tool Forge

    Pack Version 1.4.0

    What is the bug? The recipe for the Tool Forge is broken and will not craft.

    Mod & Version Tinkers' Construct 1.10.2-2.5.6b

    Link to log file n/a

    Is it repeatable? Yes - Permanent

    Known Fix No known fix
  2. JmzBlond

    JmzBlond Guest

    Recipe is missing from JEI, but is still craftable.

    Seared Brick, Seared Brick, Seared Brick
    Iron block, Tool Station, Iron Block
    Iron block, Empty, Iron Block
  3. Aerodoth

    Aerodoth Guest

    Didn't work for me even with the right recipe. I reinstalled the pack and then issue became as JmzBlond said above.

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