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Whitelist Server BRCraft|DW20ModPack

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Naumnaum, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Naumnaum

    Naumnaum New Member

    Server IP: brcraft.hopto.org

    This server is hosted on Brazil, for Brazilians and portuguese speaking people, we don't have a TS server yet, but some players already created some private channels for friends.
    I'm waiting for cooperative, creative and respectful people to have some fun together.

    • Do not grief or steal anyone.
    • PVP is enabled, but only when both agreed is allowed.
    • Do not use hacks.
    • Don't spam the chat.
    • Mystcraft ages creation are restricted to OPs.
    • Try to not keep much chunks loaded, the result is bad for everyone.
    • Only tunnel/cave mining on overworld.
    • Any other problem will be solved by OPs.
    To apply just reply like below, or send a message on facebook page:
    Why should I be whitelisted:
  2. Ranto1

    Ranto1 New Member

    Name: Renato
    IGN: Ranto1
    Age: 24
    Why should I be whitelisted: Looking for a fun server to play in with some friendly people. I have experience with most of the mods in the pack and can help out whoever needs it. Also i am brazilian as well :)
  3. Naumnaum

    Naumnaum New Member

    Added Ranto, welcome to our server, any problems just send a message on facebook page.
  4. Ravara

    Ravara New Member

    Name:Igor Gomes Ravara
    IGN: Ravara
    Age: 18
    Why should I be whitelisted: Tava procurando uma galera BR maneira q curte mine pra poder jogar =]
  5. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Name: Jeff
    IGN: shadowquinn1974
    Age: 38
    Why should I be whitelisted: I am just an old man that likes to play and learn and have fun with others, i hate pvp and I love the TE mod.
  6. BelGaraath

    BelGaraath New Member

    Name: Samuel
    IGN: BelGaraath
    Age: 17
    Why should I be whitelisted: Im good with the mods, intellectual, and i play alot.
  7. TheColaBre

    TheColaBre New Member

    Age: 16
    Why should I be whitelisted :Looking for a good server to play and survive :D

  8. bmyblake

    bmyblake New Member

    Why should I be whitelisted: I like ftb and playing with others

    and for my friend

    Why should I be whitelisted:To play with my friend
  9. DataStorm98

    DataStorm98 New Member

    Name: John
    IGN: DataStorm98
    Age: 15
    Why should I be whitelisted: Because i want to play and have a good time adn i will be a fun addition to the server
  10. Awsome231

    Awsome231 New Member

    IGN: dumbarm
    Why should I be whitelisted: Because I'm bored playing singleplayer and I want to learn mods with friends.
  11. Call Me Person

    Call Me Person New Member

    Name: Zane
    IGN: streetrodder
    Age: 17
    Why should I be whitelisted: I could bring my active self in the server, a friendly face, and someone who's always looking for an active server to play with other guys/gals on
  12. SSM121

    SSM121 New Member

    Name: Spencer
    IGN: SSM121
    Why should I be whitelisted: I am readily ready to be involved in a community. I have been playing with mods for 2 years or so but have yet to find a sustainable well run community server

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