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Brand New To FTB - Best Modpacks?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by vvscv, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. vvscv

    vvscv Guest

    I just came back to good old Minecraft after a massive break (don't even know when I played last.) Hopped on a fairly populated survival server (regular un-modded) and built some cool fancy looking base but very quickly became bored because it was just so empty & simple.

    I never played any mods in the past but recently saw how much cool stuff modpacks have to offer.

    I'm all about building the fattest & dopest base possible, all without too much struggle... Preferably on a decently populated server (30-50+) where everyone can come across each others sweet (and terrible) builds.

    So I'm looking for the best modpack where I can just hop in and, in a reasonable time-frame, create a massive beautiful base with a ton of cool stuff inside. So far I've sort of settled on a Direwolf20 pack running on a server with about 70-80 people on at a time. It seems like a good choice, but would really like to hear what other people think considering I haven't even really gotten started yet.
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  2. Xenulus

    Xenulus Guest

    The direwolf20 packs are always great options for people new to modded minecraft or just simply want a lot of flexibility and easy going gameplay. And Direwolf20 himself has made quite a few mod spotlights, so if you need a guide to a mod chances are he had made one! Learning modded can be long and difficult, but fun at the same time!

    Other modpacks I like are FTB Beyond, Horizons III, and Sky Factory 3. Currently olaying Skyblock Adventure, but thats proving to be more of an intermediate pack than a beginner, lol.
  3. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    I second this, for several reasons:

    1). Direwolf20 likes to keep individual mod configurations as close to normal as possible... Nothing is as embarrassing as answering a recipe question in the forums only to find out the person asking the question is using a heavily reconfigured version of the mod in question.

    2). Direwolf also has run all of the versions of his pack in YouTube "Let's Play" videos, usually on a daily basis, and usually starts the day the pack is publicly available.

    3). The YouTube videos are accompanied by World Downloads every 10th episode. If you are just learning how mods work, this is ideal in that you can actually pick apart the systems he built in previous videos to see how they work.

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