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Jul 29, 2019
Hi, guys. I've just started to play with the options available in Blood Magic's new spell system, and I thought it would be cool if there was a place where we could share our favorite spell combinations.

Here are ones I've found so far.

Self > Fire > Environment
- Sets the area around you on fire

Self > Ice > Environment
- Creates an ice bridge in front of you

Projectile > Earth > Default
- Digs a 3x3 (or larger) area around the impact point

Projectile > Wind > Environment
- Pulls items into your inventory from a distance

Projectile > Earth > Offensive
- Digs a hole underneath an enemy

Projectile > Ice > Environment
- Turns water source blocks and flowing blocks into ice blocks

Self > Fire > Defensive
- Creates a pool of flowing lava blocks beneath you

Projectile > Ice > Offensive
- Affects an enemy with slowness.

Projectile > Wind > Default
- Knocks enemies into the air

Self > Fire > Offensive
- Gives you the Flame Cloak buff, setting nearby enemies on fire.

Self > Earth > Defensive
- Gives you 5 extra hearts, and makes you sink like a stone.
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Jul 29, 2019
Oooh, I like the ice bridge! *let it go, let it go (sorry I'm obsessed)

This is helpful thank you for posting. I want to get into Blood magic properly but I always get distracted with other mods or another creative mode build. Perhaps this will give me some more direction and I might be able to contribute myself instead of being a derpy blood novice.


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Dec 11, 2013
@Padfoote Perhaps an addition to the wiki?

Feel free to add it. ;)

In all seriousness though, I know nothing about the spell system in Blood Magic and have been putting off that for as long as possible. If a few people (or even one person) want to have it documented, go ahead and add stuff. I'll get around to documenting it eventually if no one else does though.


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Jul 29, 2019
The *new* spell magic system (b/c the old one with the mob heads looks like it's still in NEI? am I imagining that?) is definitely complicated and interesting looking.

You seem to need a lot of alchemical components to craft the pieces in survival it looks like. Given the craft/resources costs it's definitely meant for a late-game blood magic when you have a Tier 3/4+ Altar and plenty of supplies.

Thank you for testing this! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1397401393][/DOUBLEPOST]
Self > Fire > Offensive
- Gives you the Flame Cloak buff, setting nearby enemies on fire.

There should be an ice version of this, as there is also a "Ice Cloak" buff in the config files. I would guess Self >Ice > Offensive. (I spent a half hour trying to figure out how to brew these 2 buffs into Flasks, during my potion experiments, before I realized they were probably spell-effects only)
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Dec 11, 2013
(b/c the old one with the mob heads looks like it's still in NEI? am I imagining that?)

If I understand it correctly, both systems are in game, with the old one being the most basic form of spells. I think.


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm playing with these to at the moment. Found an interesting one: melee fire offensive turns whatever mob you are looking at into a time bomb, eventually exploding (only effects itself) and flying into the air.


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Jul 29, 2019
After some quick testing in a creative world, this is what I have come up with. It is very incomplete, with minimal testing. Perhaps someone could check the code?
Note: I put "no effect" because the projectile does one damage, and nothing else to the mob.


projectile fire default = lights fire under hit mob
self fire default = sets self on fire
melee fire default = sets nearby mob on fire

projectile fire defense = sets mob on fire
self fire defense = nothing?
melee fire defense = sets 3x3 area on fire in front of you

projectile fire environmental = no effect?
self fire environmental = sets fire under self
melee fire environmental = nothing?

projectile fire offense = no effect?
self fire offense = flame cloak buff, sets nearby mobs on fire
melee fire offense = nearby mob explodes after a few seconds, getting launched into air. (Explosion does not damage terrain)


projectile ice default = no effect?
self ice default = places ice blocks on player
melee ice default = nothing?

projectile ice defense = freezes hit water blocks
self ice defense = ice cloak buff, freezes water around the player
melee ice defense = places a wall of ice in front of the player

projectile ice environmental = freezes water in a 3x3 area
self ice environmental = nothing?
melee ice environmental = throws snowballs at nearby mobs (no knockback)

projectile ice offense = projectile, 3 damage, slowness debuff
self ice offense = nearby mobs get a slowness debuff
melee ice offense = places 2 ice blocks on nearby mob


projectile wind default = throws hit mob back and into the air
self wind default = nothing?
melee wind default = pulls nearby mobs to the player

projectile wind defense = no effect?
self wind defense = nothing?
melee wind defense = nearby mobs thrown up, slightly

projectile wind environmental = pulls items hit by projectile to the player
self wind environmental = pushes mobs away from the player
melee wind environmental = pulls items to the player, similar to sigil of magnetism

projectile wind offense = no effect?
self wind offense = throws player forward, similar to air sigil
melee wind offense = throws a nearby mob away


projectile earth default = breaks a 3x3x3 area of blocks, destroying items
self earth default = nothing?
melee earth default = nothing?

projectile earth defense = no effect?
self earth defense = health boost II and heavy heart II buff, heavy heart makes you heavy, so you sink and jump lower
melee earth defense = moves the 2x3 blocks bellow and in front of the player up to form a wall.

projectile earth environmental = breaks blocks, dropping items, only works horizontally
self earth environmental = gives nearby mobs weakness debuff
melee earth environmental = nothing?

projectile earth offense = breaks block under hit mob, block does not drop
self earth offense = nothing?
melee earth offense = nothing?


hi im trying to disable flame cloak i get it every time i eat something but i only have the (schematics) map in the config file in that is this file (-856220939) there nothing to chance it there plz help

i play heavy modded blightfall with 262 mods check file for the list


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