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Discussion in 'Art, Media and Design' started by Vegoraptor, May 14, 2013.

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    Sure you all are wondering why I gathered you here.
    The thing is: Minecraft normally consists out of blocks, as we all should know at this point, even though some modders, e.g. Sengir, attempted to do some more complex models.
    But lately, some members of the UE team attempted to use mainly models in their mods, as shown below.
    So, the first point in the discussion is, would you like more models or do you have the opinion that Minecraft has to stay in the known shape(-s).
    Second, would you support the idea to implement another node into Forge or the mods themselves to create "Texturepacks", just for models instead of simple textures.
    (And yes, I do know the thing that lets you easily import models from Blender etc, but that is only an option for the Modders themselves afaik)
    Now, to the pictures I mentioned:



    MFFS Universal Electricity edition
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    If they're sexy models like UE's, then modders can feel free to go nuts with the models! I won't be complaining until my framerate goes into the negatives.

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  3. Vegoraptor

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    Well yeah, that actually is the problem, as models are quite demanding, people with slower computers would be unable to use these mods.

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