Blacklisting a biome?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Owil, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,
    my friends and I were "building" our own modpack on the base of the infinity evolved Modpack. (not really building more like customizing the IE-Modpack =3)

    So the idea was:
    Is there a mod or anything which allows us to blacklist a biome before the world generation?

    I did not find any such mod or the right thing in this forum or anywhere else on the internet.
    Am I too dump to find it?
    Am I not be worthy enough of finding it?

    And now I am wondering
    Does such a thing exist in FTB at all?

    Reasons are:
    Ee created some worlds (large biome setting) until we found a seed which we liked. And made a little server for us. The reason we did not use the other 4 worlds was because there was ALWAYS a mushroom island biome.
    It is not a reason of difficulty or anything, but more it just looks so damn horrible and ugly that we want to live as far away from one as possible.
    Now after exploring this fifth generated world, we had chosen to craft in, we found out that there still are MUSHROOM BIOMES EVERYWHERE...
    Maggical forest, Plains, Mushroom, ocean, MUSHroom, beach , Desert, MUSHROOM , Plains, M U S H R O O M... aso. aso. aso.

    They are everywhere...
  2. SolManX

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    I remember this happening if I didn't choose BiomesOPlenty for world generation when creating a new world.

    Maybe this thread will help.
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  3. Owil

    Owil Guest

    Thank you very much for the quick answer.
    I Will test out the suggestions of the thread ^^
    Great help!
    Abo + Favo.
    creating 9 subaccounts for 8 extra likes

    I'll try to keep updating here in case it works!

    by creating a new World the thread helped, BUT as a result I can't get LARGE Biomes, because the setting would be BIOMESOP.
    So I dont have the desired large biomes combined with Biomes O P ... =/
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