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Best way to locate a certain biome?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Geometry, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    So, I have spent dozens of hours attempting to find a mountain ridge biome with no luck whatsoever. I have traveled over 400,000 blocks desperately searching for it but now I am just getting infuriated. Currently I am at the point of endgame which is why I want to actually construct a home in a mountain ridge biome but it seems to be so rare in my world. I was wondering if there is a tool or something that could help me find it even if I have to cheat.Btw, Most mappers are also not very helpful as they usually don't even support extrabiomes. And I have also checked my config and the biome is not disabled. If someone would be generous enough to take a look at my seed and help me find a mountain ridge biome, then here is my seed: 8904293084470806454 But, if someone does happen to know of any useful tool that would suit my needs, then I would greatly appreciate it. Also, feel free to state any other suggestions that may assist me.
  2. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    Didn't Forestry used to have some kind of biome compass to help with bee breeding? Wonder if that's still ingame...
  3. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Yea, it did, however it is not in the game anymore and I am pretty sure it wasn't compatible with extrabiomes.
  4. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon New Member

    Well I know that problem. I searched for a plains biome to do certain bee-breeding. And I stumpled upon an green plain area... and it was a shrubland -.-. I know there are several tools for biome, stronghold, village etc. detection for vanilla MC but I have yet to find one that works with worldgen-changing mods. I would like to have some kind of addon for MMC to do it.
  5. StreetKing

    StreetKing New Member

    MN ridge.png Well, I am not sure if world generation is different in each pack but i am using DW20's pack just in case. I did a little bit of searching on your seed and I found one. X:108801 , Z:109813 and a picture.
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  6. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    I LOVE YOU(no homo) But anyways, I really appreciate your help bro, you don't find many people that are as kind as you these days. Thanks, you just made my day :D
  7. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 New Member

    I am having this problem with a desert in my SSP. I need cactus for water proofing but no luck. Thanks the spirits for EE and the Minium Stone but I best not just count on it so off to find a desert.
  8. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    You can just run in one direction and hope to hit it by going across many biomes. If you hit an ocean one though you could see nothing for thousands of blocks.

    I like to just follow the biome edge, so there is always a different biome to my left and right. If you hit ocean you at least stay with a landmass to get at least one side changing.

    Spiral pattern from a start point if you need the closest.
  9. Geometry

    Geometry New Member

    Yea, deserts are a pain in the *** as well , but luckily I found one about 2,000 blocks away.

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