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Best Modular Powersuit Setup?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Jack0928PC, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC New Member

    I am seeking advice regarding the best setup for a modular powersuit. I am very interested to hear what you think the best build is. I tend to like to move fast and fly fast and I also want awesome perks included with some of the upgrades. I would really appreciate a reply thanks, Jack.
  2. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    everything maxed + an HV capacitator set to get the weight just to 25.

    Max energy shields on all parts, max heat sink on three parts, radiation shielding on all parts.
    Auto feeder, water electrolyzer, flight control, thermal generator, jetpack, cooling system, kinetic generator, sprint assist, swim assist, jet boots, shock absorber.

    Fly like a fighter jet, swim in lava in the nether, laugh at all mobs, while never going out of power.

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  3. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    My setup. (MPSAddons included) *names might not be correct*
    Helm: Solar Generator, Night Vision, Water Breathing Module, Elite Battery @ 6kg, Flight control @ minimum setting for creative-like flight.
    Torso: Heat Sink @ max setting, Cooling System, Parachute, Glider Wings, Jetpack @ max settings too.
    Leggings: Kinetic Generator @ max settings, sprint assist maxed, uphill step assist, jump assist, Elite Battery @ max setting.
    Boots: Jet boots maxed, swim boost maxed.
    All have Energy Shielding on all pieces, all maxed too.

    Works great for me.
  4. TangentialThreat

    TangentialThreat New Member

    The key things to consider are not overheating, not running out of power and not having a suit that totals more than 25 kg in weight (that will slow you down). This isn't really that hard to do and you won't have to make major tradeoffs; it's supposed to be slightly overpowered Swiss Army gear.

    Barebones modules for fast controllable flight are jetpack in chest, flight control in helmet, some batteries and shock absorbers in your boots.

    I would also strongly, strongly recommend energy shields, elite batteries (both the shields and the batteries are worth the expense), the solar upgrade for your helmet and the kinetic and thermal generators. A maxed cooling system in your chest isn't really required but it is very helpful if you want to safely fly over a desert or in the nether for more than a few seconds without bursting into flames. The suit is aware of the air temperature in the biome you're in, similar to how bees are, and it can't get rid of heat very well when it is hot outside. Sometimes BoP biomes are dangerously hot to fly through when logic and appearance says they're not. If you leave the cooling system off you'll get more power from the thermal generator but IMHO that's not nearly worth it.

    Make sure your suit's biggest battery is located in the helmet because the suit drains from top to bottom. Good luck and try not to forget the shock absorbers.
  5. ViruzzzDK

    ViruzzzDK New Member

    It isn't slightly overpowered.
    It's incredibly overpowered.
    Kind of like how dartcraft makes most other mods' power generation effectively redundant, this makes all other armor/weapons effectively redundant, and the weight as a balancing factor must be some kind of a joke, 25 kg fits literally everything you could ever want.
  6. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Early game the weight is a factor. It's only later on, especially if you use EE3 to get ender pearls, that it becomes overpowered. You end up having to choose to either move faster and better or take less damage early in the game. I think I get about 3.5 to 4 in armor when set to max movement while using two iron platings.
  7. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    As always, you are free to not use it or configure the config file to fit your perception of "balance".
    On the server I'm playing, people are still making Quantum suits even though they can make multiple MPS.

    It's a choice you can make yourself and thus I find it balanced. Plus if I wanted hard mode, I would just play real life more often.
  8. ViruzzzDK

    ViruzzzDK New Member

    obviously you are going to have weight problems if you use iron plating, that item is probably the worst addon in terms of how much you get out of the weight.
    And why would you make ender pearls with EE3? getting to the end is not that difficult...

    It's not just balance. It's that the mod (and other mods as well *cough* dartcraft *cough) introduce items that are flat out better, cheaper and easier to make while out-competing rival mods items on every level. It takes away the idea of progression.

    If you could make a dirt pickaxe that was faster than diamond picks and mined everything and had infinite durability, why would anyone ever make a diamond pick?

    It's not just a personal choice, It's like being straight and fighting for gay people's right to marriage, you will never benefit from it yourself, but it shapes society to be better.
  9. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Why? Because it's a choice. The way you are doing right now is trying to limit the choices because something is better. Using your own example, right now you are not fighting for the gay's rights but rather, against it.
    If you are truly for more choices, you should have been asking for more configs instead of crying that it is OP and indirectly asking for the modder to nerf it.
  10. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Notice I said EARLY GAME. As in before you can get a couple of stacks of ender pearls to make eye if enders, and trying to walk at base speed several thousand meters to reach a stronghold. And likely long before you can kill the ender dragon. MPS provides some nice benefits like night vision, immunity to fall damage, and increased running and jumping. Which, if you go for it early enough, you'll have to get at the cost of good armor.

    In fact I usually ended up getting a completed version of the MPS before I could get to the End, using EE3. Which is one reason I disabled that mod in my current game. It makes any recipe that requires ender pearls or obsidian too easy to get.

    Without using any shortcuts like EE3 you'll need to be playing for a while before you get a completed suit.
  11. ViruzzzDK

    ViruzzzDK New Member

    Not nerf, but balance. If it makes you into superman and compresses most tools into a single item, at least make it hard to obtain. Or make it gradual.

    a 5kg capacity starter powersuit made out of iron
    some medium stage made out of diamond/obsidian and similar rarity items with 15kg or something like that
    a suit with infinite capacity made out of some material that is a combination of a rare ore that only spawns in mushroom island biomes and a rare drop from magma-slimes.

    As it is now, the hardest thing to get is some emerald for the table. And even that is trivial if you can find a villager with the right trade. Other than that you can pretty much make power armor in the chunk you spawn in.

    you can find and fill an end portal with 1 stack of ender pearls (16 eyes), even if every eye you use breaks the first time and the portal starts with 0 eyes in it
    all 3 strongholds are always less than 1150m from spawn
    you can kill the enderdragon with 2 stacks of arrows and an unenchanted bow on hard difficulty. You don't even need armor.

    Getting to the end and getting endless amounts of enderpearls is trivial even in vanilla.
  12. Infallible83

    Infallible83 New Member

    This vs. 4 iron in a crafting grid plus minium stone. I know which is easier <30 seconds vs. >30 minutes.

    No one has disputed that getting to the end is easy, he has just said that EE3 trivilaises things and is OP, makeing it even easier. You can't dispute that using a minium stone is easier than finding the end and killing the endermen.

  13. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    I roam the overworld killing endermen.

    My preferred early set up is: Mid-level battery, Solar Generator and Night-vision in the helmet, Glider Wings and Parachute in the Torso, and Sprint, Jump and Step assist in the legs. I use Long-Fall Boots for my feet, since they do everything the Powersuit feet do that's useful. Then I just rely on being able to bounce around like a Kangaroo on Redbull.

    If you do get the boots, you can install the shock absorber and jet boots and use the Glider Wings to fly around. Fly straight up, glide away, and fly up again as you descend too low. Tons of fun. I don't even bother with Iron Plating. It's not worth the cost. Diamond is so much better it's not funny. More armor for less weight, thank you.

    With only the first set up, there's no heat build up in the nether I can see. I suspect it's only with things that use power.
  14. ViruzzzDK

    ViruzzzDK New Member

    I have better things to spend my iron on early game than ender pearls though, 2 minecraft nights in a flat biome should easily get you a stack of enderpearls, much quicker too if you have managed to get looting on a weapon.
    I have never made pearls out of iron, but I convert the other way constantly.
  15. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    Modular powersuits completely changed the way I play FTB.

    And I don't view that as a good thing. Unfortunately the gregtech recipies for the powersuit isn't enabled on the server I play on... (or I guess they're not mandatory recipies) so basically as soon as you have a feather you can be zooming around the whole world at lightspeed. It's so utterly ridiculous I hate it.

    But yeah, I still use the powersuit despite hating the fact that it is absurdly overpowered for the ridiculously cheap prices you have to pay to make it. I mean... I'm not a masochist. I'm not gonna walk to a place and take 15 minutes when I can be there in 15 seconds. LOL But... I hate it. I hate modular powersuits and how cheap they are to make. I hate the fact that I'll never ever build a rail network ever again since flying is ten times quicker and easier. It's a server so I have no control over the recipies or how they do things.

    P.S. For the OP, you basically just add as much as you can (I added everything all at once since it was so inexpensive) and then try to balance (via the battery settings) your weight versus your vertical speed. Too heavy and you won't be able to fly very well or very fast. Too light and you will press the space bar to fly and instantly be at elevation 300. LOL I like to be just heavy enough so that when I'm going upwards in my base I can still enter any floor (I don't use stairs or doors, I just have an open vertical shaft that connects to all my floors). I think I have the batteries about 3/4th's on their setting. If I max em out I'm too heavy and if I set them to 1/2 then I'm too light.

    If you want to be light and fly fast, it's really easy - just take the helmet off and stick it in your inventory. Put the helmet on and my vertical and forward speeds are less, which helps me control my flight better.

    P.S. The server I play on disabled "flight control" apparently due to it causing lag? I dunno.
  16. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    What do you have to do this with, and how long did it take you to be able survive a night? I doubt most people can survive that with no armor and just fists.
  17. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    On the server where I play they're disabled due to OPness, we can only make the Power Glove, everything else is disabled. I understand it, but I hate that it means I'm forced into a Nano/Quantum suit and forced to go into IC2 when I don't like IC2 (I don't mind the cost, I just prefer MPS because I can use it with BC power).

    Outside of that the server is great though, so I can live with it. And it isn't very PvP heavy either afaik so outside of the utility you don't really need super armor.
  18. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Err. That's the Dartcract flight thingy. In unleashed the MPS flight thingy costs you 4 ion thrusters, which is 8 tesseracts, that's 8 diamonds and 16 ender pearls. And that's just flight, for capacitors you need even more materials.
  19. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    Like that's a lot :D.

    To be honest, I never even bother with anything as preposterous as mid tier mps. Day two or three, and I've got the suit I described in the first post on myself.
  20. asb3pe

    asb3pe New Member

    I play on an Ultimate server, but that's how it should be no matter what mod pack. Flying around and all the other great stuff the MPS gives you is end-game rewards, there's no way you should ever be able to make a flying power suit jetpack thingie before end-game... IMO. I happen to love what Gregorius T did to make all recipies much harder... Gregtech made me excited to play minecraft again. I was bored with vanilla and had stopped playing completely. I really dislike don't enjoy playing games that are easy. Minecraft is just too easy sometimes. But that's just me and my attitude, I know other people are the opposite from me.

    Case in point... nothing personal of course, Poppycocks. :)

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