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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MRetro, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Hi there, I recently started playing with the Direwolf20 pack in 1.12.2 and I was wondering which is the best combination of parts for these items:
    -Shuriken (Since I think it's the best ranged weapon in 1.12.2)

    I've been looking for info, but I only could find the combinations for 1.10 and some other stuff regarding the shuriken, but nothing that I could use.

  2. triggerfinger12

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    Really it's all up to you, your own priorities for what you like are probably different from everyone else so their suggestions may not suit your needs. Really its a game of testing for what you like and coming up with something that works for you. For instance, I like speed and durability above all else for mining and digging tools so for my pickaxe I choose cobalt head and binding with knightslime tool rod.
  3. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Yea, one of the good things about TiCon2 in the 1.10+ era is that there is no one 'best' tool. However, here's some ideas you may wish to consider:

    * Don't use a hatchet, use a mattock. Not only is it a hatchet, but it also tills dirt. And has more durability. Doesn't really matter. I'd start off with Flint heads and Wooden handle. Maybe upgrade to iron heads eventually, but really its use is fairly trivialized by machines before you have access to any of the fun materials.

    * Don't use shuriken. I don't know who told you they were good, but they were wrong. Try a crossbow. I'd suggest using a Slime Crossbow Limb (or Electrum, if you want something better), paper binding, and the rest will depend on what you have available. Put a bunch of Redstone on it, and you have a rapid-fire semi-auto crossbow. Maybe make the stock out of wood for the regeneration effect. Bolts should be made out of something heavy if you are worried about armor penetration, or something light if you don't. Try using an ender rod for a shaft, you won't regret it.

    * Hammer: depends on what you want to do with it. If you are using it as a tunnel bore, make the head and plates out of slime. It has tons of durability, it occasionally spawns slimes that you can kill for slimeballs to make slimy crystals to repair it with, which is almost as good as repair modifier. It doesn't have the ability to break through ores, that's what you use your pickaxe with silk touch for so you can process redstone for cinnabar. Put in a horizontal and vertical extender for making a neat looking 5x5 (except the corners) tunnel with just enough of a curve to make it look interesting. Not really much call for one these days, though, with the Actually Additions drill doing this better.

    * Lumberaxe: Unnecessary. Use Industrial Foregoing to get an automated tree farm set up. You probably will be able to set up Industrial Foregoing before you can set up your tool forge.

    * Excavator: Not sure why you'd want/need one of these. If you are desperate for a way of doing this, use the Actually Additions drill

    * Pickaxe: Personally, I just stick to iron head, paper binding, and wood (or treated wood) handle, with obsidian sharpening. Then I toss on a silky jewel for silk touch, because processing redstone ore for cinnabar is awesome. And you get more diamonds/emeralds by processing the ores rather than using Fortune III, which makes Silk Touch inherently a superior option.

    * Shovel: only used in the very early game, and only if you really want to. Honestly, I wouldn't bother, and just use a couple of vanilla shovels if you need a few stacks of sand or something. Once you get the Actually Additions drill, this is trivialized.
  4. KingTriaxx

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    I'm partially with Shneekey on the mattock, but now that Actually Additions has changed so worms expire, and that machine planting doesn't reveal them as far as I know, a Mattock is still very awesome to have just hanging around.

    Shuriken were okay, but in 1.12 they're so horribly inaccurate you'll burn through most of the ammo without killing anything. I prefer an Electrum/Knightslime Limbed, Cobalt Plate, Any String Longbow. Electrum and Cobalt make it very fast, Knightslime makes the arrows fast and gives it excellent durability.

    Fun thing about hammers in 1.12, you can use any of the three head materials to repair your tool. Since I love manual mining, I have Iron, Signalum, Silver on the head and a Copper Rod for bonus XP while mining. Drop a single bit of lapis and mine above redstone/diamond level for a while and it'll level to fortune three pretty quickly. You'll still want to follow Shneekey's line of thought with a Silk Touch pick though. I like Signalum Head, Iron Binding, Wooden Handle.

    Lumberaxe is a nice thing to have, but you want a stone head, and the rest out of wood. You now have an axe you can use for ages before needing repair, that can then be repaired from the wood you collect from the trees.

    Excavator is still awesome, because if you want to make paths, you can do a 3x3. If that's all you want do the same as the axe, if not, I have Iron Head, Signalum plate, Copper and Wood handle/binding.

    I've got Bronze Head, Iron Binding, Wood Handle, with an obsidian sharpening kit on my pick. Mines quick, but not so fast that I break too much.

    Shovel's the same as the Pick, and does the same job.

    Do note, that I'm using different mods than Direwolf in my pack, so not all materials will be the same or even available. Still as Shneekey said, there isn't really a best. It's what you want your weapon/tool to do for you.

    Also consider a Longsword, with a Steel Blade, Copper Handguard, and wooden handle for early use getting around before you get flight. Looking down and releasing it's charge at the height of your jump is good for 3/4 blocks of vertical movement.
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  5. SevenMass

    SevenMass Well-Known Member

    This question has been asked several times before, and each time the answer is: "TiC v2 has no best tool."

    I'm not buying it.

    Sure, there are different tastes, priorities and different circumstances in different modpacks, but that is true for TiC v1 too.
    I believe, that if a bunch of TiC enthusiast stick their heads together in a discussion thread, they will be able to figure out the best way to optimize a TiC gear set-up.

    What is lacking, is a willingness to discuss this. Compared to the past.

    For example:
    I'm pretty sure most would agree that, once you have enough access to iron, an iron pick-head is superior to a flint pick-head.
    And once you have that, most would agree that Fortifying the pick with obsidian and upgrading the tool rod with knightslime is pretty much a no-brainer. And also that you should use a stone tool binding on it for as long as you don't need the extra modifier slots.
    Yet a shovel tool rod should stick to wood instead, because it is used less often and thus benifits more from the slow auto repair. It also doesn't need the extra speed. Though impregnated wood from IE is a strictly better tool rod material than vanilla wood.

    Sure, some might prefer the speed of cobalt over the magnetism of iron, while others prefer the magnetism. But that just means the answer to the OP's question needs to a bit more complex than it would be in the TiC v1 discussion thread.

    An other example of a possible answer OP's question:
    It is possible to construct a Shuriken such that it has infinite ammo, so it can be spammed with impunity. (Seen it in MischiefOfMice TiC spotlight video) It also doesn't take up a second slot for its ammo, since it is its own ammo.

    So basically, what you are saying is; The best Tinkers Construct tool is the Actually additions drill!
    Great, allow me to chime in... :D;):

    Q: What is the best augment for the Thermal Expansion Pulverizer?
    A: The Crusher from Mechanism!

    Q: What is the most interesting place in the Twilight Forrest?
    A: The swamp in the Betweenlands!

    Q: What is the most difficult boss mob in Botania?
    A: The Chaos dragon from Draconic Evolution!

    Q: What is the best builders wand to use?
    A: MCedit.

    Q: The most powerful resource generator?
    A: Cheat mode in JEI.
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  6. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    This is not the first time you have made that statement, and it is just as incorrect now as it was the last few times. Try actually having a discussion on the mod instead of a discussion of why no one discusses the mod if you want a discussion on the mod, eh?

    No. And here's why:

    The hammer I suggested, and the hammer Triaxx suggested, for example, are two entirely different hammers for two entirely different ideas and two entirely different playstyles. But more importantly is that you are missing the point.

    There are many potential types of 'best' tool, depending on what you plan on using it for. For example, Triaxx suggested a hammer with Fortune and some high-end materials for the head, and a copper tool rod. I suggested one with a slime head, despite the fact that you'd probably consider slime to be 'inferior' to iron/signalum. So... objectively, which one is better?

    The answer, and WHY I say that there is no 'best' tool, is that they are both better for different purposes.

    Triaxx's hammer can be used to clear-cut through the lower levels, with Fortune 3 and okay-ish speed, clearing out a 3x3 tunnel as it does so.

    My hammer can be used to clear-cut through the lower levels, but makes a 5x5 hole (with rounded corners), more easily repairable, and explicitly cannot mine redstone and diamond because you can get better returns in the DW20 pack (which is what the OP is using) from processing those ores through other mods than from Fortune3.

    They have different purposes, and different reasons for existing.

    Not without having almost no damage output and defeating the purpose of having it in your inventory, since it would need to be primarily constructed of paper to do that.

    Ad absurdo reductum is simply a way of saying "I have no argument, so I want to say something that sounds like it is arguing your point, when in fact I simply can't dispute it", so thank you for agreeing with me. ;)

    More seriously, however, you are missing the point entirely. No mod is an island, not in these days of modpacks. And the DW20 pack has the most overpowered mining tool in existence (in many ways, even more powerful than the Draconic Evolution ones), which is the Actually Additions drill. If you want the best mining tool, that mining tool is going to be the AA Drill, hands down, and will absolutely be definitively and explicitly better in every measurable way to anything TiCon can manage. This tool replaces the conventional uses of the Hammer and the Excavator, simultaneously, with additional functionality on top. Therefore, with this in mind, I suggest tools that will supplement this tool that, since the user cares only about power (since he just asked for the 'best' not the 'most useful'), is a given that he will use. As a result, suggesting a hammer which duplicates, to a lesser extent, this drill is entirely pointless and a waste of time.

    You see, there's this thing called 'user environment', it's relevant to a discussion on 'what should I use as a tool'. And if you have mods which are geared to a far higher end of power, such as Actually Additions, then mods whose power level is lower, such as TiCon, often become unused.

    Identifying key components of a modpack and how a given mod fits into the modpack is going to return more relevant results to the individual who is asking for advice. But hey, thanks for trying to play, we have a lovely consolation prize waiting for you in the lobby.
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  7. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Shneekey said what I was going to in a more concise and intelligent manner. It's not unusual.

    That said, I can't stand Actually Additions. Like RFTools and Minefactory Reloaded, it's a mod full of magic blocks that do things, but aren't interesting in their implementation. Still, everyone has their own way to play and I'm not the sort who would stand in the way, but you'll never seen me using an AA drill. So I want all those tools to replace it.

    As for automating wood, yeah, sure, I'll probably make an automated tree farm. But if I've gone out exploring, looking for something, and I suddenly need wood, I'll probably break out my axe and knock down a tree, rather than heading all the way back home.
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  8. SevenMass

    SevenMass Well-Known Member

    I see my comment about your reply was overly long, causing it to appear like I was ranting about it.
    I should have just used the first sentence on its own, followed by the two smilies.

    I try to mull over every post I make, but sometimes I still slip up. I am sorry about that.

    Looking back, the first part of my post was also way to long and ranty.

    One hammer is for silk, the other for fortune. This is no different than in TiC v1 where these two options also exist. One uses powerful but expensive materials, the other cheap but weaker. This also existed in TiC v1.

    Yet in the TiC v1 discussion threads you can see a sort of consensus emerged on what is the best tools for a given stage in progression, for a given purpose.

    We can work this out for TiC v2 too.

    Using a slime hammer together with a silk touch pick is a good trick, that I use myself as well.
    But once you have more resources, you could just give the hammer itself silk touch. Then remake it into a faster hammer, with a higher mining level.

    The slime hammer then becomes a stage in the progression, just like the flint pick head vs the iron pick head.

    As an aside: Are signalum tool parts in the DW20 pack? I've taken a quick look at the modlist and I can't find the mod "PlusTiC" in it. Or is it added by some other mod?
  9. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    That was the meta for v1, but NOT for v2, for a couple of reasons.

    It is much more difficult to work out a definitively 'better' tool in v2 for several reasons. But sure, we can discuss the various material properties and their actual function in the game if you like. That's probably better done in a different thread, however, since you are hijacking the original purpose of this thread.

    First off, Slimy trait in v2 (1.10+) occasionally causes slimes of that color to spawn. Which can be used to repair the tool with. Which makes it an improvement over cobble, but not necessarily a step in progression. The big reason is the lack of the Fluxed modifier which existed in v1 that made any sort of auto-repair or ease of repair strictly of early-game utility, but in v2, it is significantly more of a pain in the arse. The 'mending' trait requires experience, and works like the silly vanilla mending enchantment, which is awkward and not very useful as the tool actually needs to be in hand when experience is gained for it to work. Which means you actually *do* need to repair your tools, unlike in v1. Which is why Slimy is equally on par with other things like Cobalt or Knightslime (whose ability doesn't really work all that well, I'll get into that in a moment) for a hammer head for a 'tunnel bore' hammer.

    The lack of a Fluxed trait ALSO makes durability far more important, and Slime has far more durability than even Iron, for roughly the same speed, when applied to hammers. So Iron is not necessarily an upgrade to Slime.

    As an aside: Are signalum tool parts in the DW20 pack? I've taken a quick look at the modlist and I can't find the mod "PlusTiC" in it. Or is it added by some other mod?[/QUOTE]
    There's some level of native compatibility, however the Thermal Dynamic components got a very severe nerf-bat swung at them. Specifically, Signalum and Enderium are no longer nearly so broken. And there is no Fluxed modifier anymore either.
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  10. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    The requirement to repair your tools is one of the reasons for the Silver Plate on my hammer, which lets me repair it with silver because it's one of the three head materials. Also you can adjust the mining level of your hammer with a sharpening kit, so you could have a wood level hammer made of pure Cobalt with three levels of haste. It won't pick up iron, but it'll blow through stone like it's non-existant.

    I am using Moar Tinker's so the Signalum part I'm using probably is not the same as the one in the DW20 pack. I'd have to load up DW20 and check. Nope, not native to the pack. The closest is Knightslime, which shouldn't be on the head, to get the Unnatural effect. Signalum has that but it's also annoying to make. It's cobalt fast, but has less durability than Knightslime. 2018-04-20_00.32.25.png 2018-04-20_00.24.11.png
  11. Indeed, because such is the toxic community of minecraft players today.
    They are unable to engage in meaningful conversation.
    And when you attempt to point it out to them, their circular logic goes full circle and we lose another neuron:

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  12. For shurikens, I use manyullyn (best attack), copper (more XP), bone (good durability) and lead (poison)
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  13. Rumaan

    Rumaan Active Member

    My focus generally seems to be good mid-game tools. Stuff that's not too terrible to make, but is solid while trying to get particular materials in order to make something to help automate certain processes. (This will be incomplete since I've misplaced my test world and need to rebuild what I had considered good tools. DX )
    Disclaimer: I'm playing on All the Mods 3, so there may be stuff you/I have that's not quite relevant, though I tend to use a lot of the core materials instead of oddball ones.

    Pickaxe (I generally make two of these)
    1) General usage
    -Head: Cobalt, Binding: Prismarine/Sapphire, Tool Rod: ? (Need to rediscover. Usually geared towards obsidian, so something to give speed.)
    -Traits: Luck, Reinforced x5
    -Embossment: ? (Unnatural maybe?)
    2) Silk Touch
    -Head: Cobalt, Binding: Sponge, Tool Rod: ? (Same as before)
    -Traits: Reinforced x5, ? (Direct?)
    -Embossment: ? (Unnatural?)
    This nets me a quick all-purpose tool for mining blocks I need as well as a precision silk touch tool for picking up certain blocks I'd rather process.

    Shovel & Hatchet (Basically the same)
    -Head: Knightslime, Binding: ?, Tool Rod: ?
    -Traits: Reinforced x5
    Simple, yet effective tools for whatever I need. Knightslime makes breaking things a breeze, so no real need for anything too fancy.

    Mattock (My specialized tool)
    -Heads: Knightslime, Tool Rod: Sponge
    -Traits: Reinforced x5
    Another precision silk touch tool. This allows me to pop it out to grab some podzol, bookcases from a village, whatever you need.

    Hammer (Can make two, though the second has a situational usage.)
    1) General Usage (Similar to the first pickaxe)
    -Head: Cobalt, Plate 1/2: ?, Tool Rod: ? (Similar to the pickaxe.)
    -Traits: Luck, Reinforced x5
    2) No Nether Fortress in Sight (Couldn't find one on a playthrough, so I made this)
    -Head: Cobalt, Plate 1/2: ?, Tool Rod: ? (Firewood, or your choice of Autosmelt on plate/tool rod)
    -Traits: Reinforced x5

    Excavator & Lumberaxe (Same idea as Shovel and Hatchet)
    -Head: Knightslime, Binding: ?, Plate: ?, Tool Rod: ?
    -Traits: Reinforced x5

    -Blade: Manyullyn, Plate: ?, Tool Rod 1/2: Bone/? (Something with Crude 1-2?)
    -Traits: Mending Moss, Luck, Beheading

    Again, I apologize for so many holes in my builds. A lot of stuff will be a bit of personal preference (eg: my friend likes the magic damage boost from Morgan le Fey from AAs Diamantine Crystals and the convenience of Direct for his mining tools). For the most part, I like speed on my mining tools, more durability on my other ones. I also like making all of my tools unbreakable at the end, so a lot of the trait slots go to that and I can switch out materials after that's been accomplished. Tools I use less often won't have as many slots, so I don't usually bother figuring out what to add past the Reinforcement. I'm currently playing with Redstonia (more damage the more health you have) from AA for my weapons as opposed to Cold-Blooded (more damage to full health enemies) from Manyullyn because I also have the Tinker's Armory mod and can gain extra hearts through that. Later game (or if you can get through to it quicker then that's better) pink slime is awesome to durability. Look into it when you can, unless you've hit full Reinforced on everything you care about.

    A few tips for newer players reading this, using the casting method or water and lava in the smeltery is a really good idea for TiCon tools, as those woods from the Nether can give you a significant boost to mining power. If your server provides you with easy access to the End, then end stone is also a really solid early choice.

    I'll try and update this when I figure more stuff out. >.>
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  14. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    This topic has been beaten to death since choice of materials is purely a matter of preference. For example, I tend to use iron tool rods as I like the magnetic effect.
  15. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    And PlusTiC throws even more crazy shenanigans into the works! :D Perhaps it would be interesting to hear "most fun" combinations of materials, or related; perhaps unusual interactions between materials added by different mods that leads to cool effects?

    I can't remember what it was, but I heard one modifier basically meant you could link your tool to a chest, and all items broken went in there; THAT'S cool!
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  16. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Global Traveler on Alumite and a couple of other tool heads.

    Personally I prefer MoarTinkers (name notwithstanding) Has a bunch of cool options.
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