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Bee Traits

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Epic_Dave, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    Hello everyone. I am kind of new to this bee thing in feed the beast, iv been looking around to gather some information regarding traits on bees but really cant seem to find what im looking for, im looking for a list of the traits in an order really, by this i mean for example production speed, slowest, slow, then what comes next? for all the traits and which bee is most likely to have them. Id like to attempt to build a super bee if its possible, with really high fertility, lifespan and speed, but i do not know when the trait is at its strongest nor what type of bee may contain the strongest of these traits for me to attempt to cross breed into, any incite would be appreciated

    thank you
  2. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Speed goes from Slowest to Fastest with Normal as the midpoint
    Lifespan goes from Shortest to Longest with Normal as the midpoint.
    Fertility ranges from 1 to 4 drones.
    The rest are similar, using standard English nomenclature and Normal midpoints.
  3. Icarus White

    Icarus White Active Member

    Adding to this...

    I believe that Faster and Fastest are only attainable with ThaumicBees, although I'd be happy to be wrong. Fast, on the other hand, can be attained very easily in Forestry proper.
    Similarly Longer and Longest are, I think, only with ExtraBees. Long is somewhat trickier - I think the Noble family is the way to go.

    Humidity has Arid, Normal, Damp, while temperature is icy, cold, normal, warm, hot, hellish (I think - I could be missing one.)
  4. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    thank you very much for the quick replies sorry i couldnt have thanked you sooner, there was a power outtage in my area (yay snowstorms) , i recently returned to my bee quest in my single player world and i stumbled upon elongated as a life, im going to assume that comes after long or longest perhaps? and again thank you for the replies and the help so i can understand the madness that is these bees,

    - Dave
  5. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin The Bee-Whisperer

  6. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    thank you MilConDoin, that clears things up very nicely for me in regards to order of lifespans, i don't suppose you could offer further incite into what bees have the longest trait, from the breeds iv discovered the closest iv come to is elongated
    thanks again

  7. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    i know that Valiants come equipped with Long lifespan. I would imagine further up that path would get you longer?
  8. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon Active Member

    Some Bees I found usefull so far:

    Ancient -> Longest
    Ender, Austere -> Longer

    Cultivated -> Fast

    Ender -> 11x8x11

    Rural (not sure how fast, but they are the fastest, I think Imperial are also good)

    Rocky -> Tolerate Rain, Darkness and Night, so you can let them work in a dark, rainy cave.... although rainy caves are rare.

    I haven't done all off the species yet, so maybe I find some with better Productivity and eventually a smaller territory, since the large one is only useful for pollinating trees or create regenerating areas (well or maybe to produce flowers^^).

    Some interesting effects are lightning from excited upwarts to supercharge a gravitygun or "Mob"-Bees which work as mob-spawners, which allows for toggle-able mobspawners if you give them the flower "redstone" which requires an active redstone signal nearby (either a torch or lever + redstone).
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  9. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    very helpful on traits, im looking to be able to build superbees for mass production, im going to have to look into valiants , as well as the ancient, and maybe attempt these ender, austere, if you happen across any other breeds with really high lifespan, give me a helpful point in the right direction :) thanks again to everyone continuing to add feed back.

  10. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon Active Member

    Ender are pretty easy if you have a link-book back home :p

    With a following link-book sneaking in to grab some bees is pretty easy. Adjust their Flower-requirement and you are ready to get their serum by producing some drones (well... depending on which Version you are using, since in newer versions of ExtraBees you have a chance of losing bees while grabbing their genes).
  11. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    yea sounds easy enough lol, gotta find a end portal tho first lol. but sweet ima give it a shot :D
  12. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    if you are breeding bees, you don't actually want a long life trait until your last wanted trait. longer life means more time before bee dies off, which means not as many chances to breed the bees. However, using some of the frames that extra bees adds in, you may be able to shorten the lifespan of the bee and get more generations for breeding in the desired traits. I haven't done much with the extra bees yet.
  13. Epic_Dave

    Epic_Dave Member

    yes, im more looking for the final step towards the super bee, and im just looking for an idea of the possible bees to get that last trait from through breeding, im also going to give these frames a try :D thank you

    - Dave
  14. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    For fastest breeding, Soul Frames. They also crank up the chances of mutation.
  15. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    If you have ThaumicBees, Necrotic Frames can drastically reduce your bees' lifespans for the sake of breeding. Just don't go outside without wisp-hunting gear. >_>
  16. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    I want Thaumic Bees in the DW20 pack so bad I can taste it.

    It tastes like the end of a battery sprinkled with rock candy.
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  17. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Why not add it in manually?
  18. Exedra

    Exedra Over-Achiever

  19. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    I admin'd a private mod server for me and my RL friends for the past year. I'm sick to death of resolving config issues and releasing patches. I leaped at Feed the Beast modpacks for our server the first chance I got, so I could spend time playing the game instead of spending all my time putting out fires and preparing the next release.

    I know, adding one mod wouldn't be too bad... but I know me. It wouldn't be just one mod.

    Now, if I could figure out why my two Imperial Queen's, which the Beealyzer shows as identical in every possible way, produce different amounts of Dripping Comb and Royal Jelly each life cycle, I'd be a happy man.
  20. SpitefulFox

    SpitefulFox Forum Addict Mod Developer

    Makes sense. ThaumicBees should be in the pack anyway. I'm kind of surprised DW hasn't spotlighted it already. Then again, he's had so many spotlights on his plate lately, judging from how cluttered his spotlight map has been getting. :p

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