BedCraftGP - [*Fix 95% off ALL griefing*] ~Ultimate ~Unleashed

Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by darkdeath1332, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. xverion

    xverion New Member

    How can we get the premium version for unleashed? Im hoping rhis finally fixes the griefing
  2. pirita

    pirita New Member

    I will donate more 30 Dollars for your work.
  3. BreakingReality

    BreakingReality New Member

    Your download link for UnleashedGP is broken, can you please fix it?
  4. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

  5. pirita

    pirita New Member

    ronneke1996, yes.
  6. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

    Ok thanks pirita :D
  7. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

    Im looking forward to see that turtles are supported and barrels :D, keep the good work going!!!!!!!!!
  8. Grishord

    Grishord New Member

    I know this is a FTB forum and FTB Plugin but I noticed that it works on my Lite server amazingly well and was wondering if you have any intention of releasing a Tekkit Classic 1.2.5 version? This would be great to fix Red Matter and Dark Matter tool griefing!
  9. pirita

    pirita New Member

    Item ID: 2181:12 Carminite Reactor can grief when exploding
  10. leelawd

    leelawd New Member

    take a look at this, patches the EE tools to not bypass at all without the use of a plugin.
  11. Grishord

    Grishord New Member

  12. unicellular

    unicellular New Member

    Any update on getting UnleasedGP? Still can't see it in the index of downloads.

    Also thanks for sharing your plugins!
  13. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

  14. unicellular

    unicellular New Member

    Does that actually take you anywhere because it still doesn't work for me. I saw your earlier post and had already attempted to get it. You can see what is available by removing the premiumunleased.jar part of the link
  15. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

    Indeed if you remove the end so you get this you get in theyre folder, but they removed PremiumUnleasedGP.jar.
    I've got that on running on my server so i got lucky i think that i was able to download it. I could upload it, but i dont know if i have the permission to upload the file.
  16. Baron

    Baron New Member

    Mind re-uploading it. I would like to have that plugin installed before opening up my server. You could also PM me the download link too.
  17. ronneke1996

    ronneke1996 New Member

    I want to re-upload it, but first i want the permission of darkdeath1332
  18. darkdeath1332

    darkdeath1332 New Member

    I saw, I re-uploaded them.
  19. darkdeath1332

    darkdeath1332 New Member

    ** Changelog **

    # All download links fixed.

    # Lite version removed

    # Ranamed jar files for better use, message prefix is on all plugins the same.

    # Added fix for ;

    # UnleashedGP;
    requires: GriefPrevention 1.5.2, MCPC+ & FTB unleased pack server.
    info: fix for unleased pack server working with GP.

    # UltimateGP;
    requires: GriefPrevention 1.4.7, MCPC+ & FTB ultimate pack server.
    info: fix for ultimate pack server working with GP.

    # UltimateTOWNY;
    requires: Towny 1.4.7, MCPC+ & FTB ultimate pack server.
    info: fix for ultimate pack server working with Towny.[DOUBLEPOST=1376829543][/DOUBLEPOST]

    Whatsup with barrels?
  20. cjm721

    cjm721 New Member

    Just thought about this, but how you find that server's ip and know they were using your stuff if they had it renamed? Metrics does not tell you the ips of the servers that use it.

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