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  1. syne_397

    syne_397 Guest

    Summary of the problem awakened draconium

    Pack Version 3.0.6

    What is the bug? i don't know why, but:
    1. i can't put draconium block in energy infuser (draconic evolution) to get charged draconium block. It's just not placeable in slot
    2. when i'm blow up the dragon heart with TNT (for start a ritual), nothing happend, dragon heart still be on the floor and i can only pick up it back

    Mod & Version Draconic-Evolution-1.10.2-

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? yes

    Known Fix
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  2. MaskedTurtle

    MaskedTurtle Guest

    There is a new way of creating awakened draconium. Look it up on JEI
  3. syne_397

    syne_397 Guest

    And... what way? JEI shows that i can craft block from ingots and ingots from block, nothing else.
    I craft Information tablet and its nothing about how to make this... I hate mods with rituals >_<
  4. MaskedTurtle

    MaskedTurtle Guest

    There should be an arrow at the top to slide over. You have to make it with cores and the dragon heart in the draconic infusers??? I don't remember the name of them,
  5. syne_397

    syne_397 Guest

    No arrows, JEI shows only crafting table recipe.
    I was try this way:
    and i can't charge draconium block because i can't place it in slot, and step 1 and 2 of the ritual not working for me too, because heart not starts floating up and spinning.
    And i don't see any guides that contain another way to make this
  6. billybricker1

    billybricker1 New Member

    There should be but none of the fusion crafting recipes are showing for me either. It been like that since I updated the pack from 3.0.4 to 3.0.6.
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  7. dcrago

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  8. syne_397

    syne_397 Guest

    Thanks, i found a spotlight for 10.2 version, and awakened draconuim now can be made with Wyvern Fusion crafting injectors! Finaly!
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  9. Slowking

    Slowking Guest

    The book relies on JEI, so it doesn't show the recipe either and the wiki is extremely outdated. I guess the only way to find out these recipes is watching youtube videos...

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