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Whitelist Server Automation Inc. | Mindcrack | Mystcraft | Whitelist | PVE | Mature 18+ | TS3 | Small Community

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by Codec, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Codec

    Codec New Member

    Applications are closed.

    Here at Automation Inc. we are looking for mature players that want to play FTB to the fullest. Ranging from new to the pack to ex CASUC engineers, all are welcome. What I'm aiming for on this server is a smaller group of people that can get to know each other without having to put limits on what they build. I know that last part can never be true in an SMP environment but that's what I strive for.

    3-31-13 We have a website now! Register here http://automationinc.enjin.com/.

    3-7-13 We have moved hosts, the new TS3 and game server Ip is!

    Rules for the server:
    • Use common sense, if it feels wrong then it likely is.
    • No stealing.
    • No PVP.
    • I wont put hard limits on your builds, all I ask is be sensible.
    • Able to install config files and mods.
    Facts about the server:
    • Running Ultimate v1.0.1
    • This is a dedicated server hosted by shardhost.com in TX.
    • Recipes that Gregtech changes about ic2 have been disabled. Also its iridium ore generation has been disabled.
    • Mob griefing disabled.
    • Difficulty level is normal.
    • TS3 server IP:
    • Server IP:
    • Latest config files: Here
    When applying to be added to the white list make sure to add:
    • Minecraft user name:
    • Age:
    • Past experience:
    • Reasons why you want to join:
  2. Distillerz

    Distillerz New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Distillerz
    • Age: 23
    • Past experience: 2 years minecraft , a few months of mindcrack ... good experience in Computercraft , TermalExpansion , IC2 , buildcraft ...etc
    • Reasons why you want to join: HaveFun , build a empire.
  3. huntervang

    huntervang New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Huntervang
    • Age: 20
    • Past experience: Have played minecraft since alpha and started a year ago doing tech mods.
    • Reasons why you want to join: I like playing on small community servers and playing ftb.
  4. Codec

    Codec New Member

    Huntervang and Distillerz have both been whitelisted, hope to see you in game!

    Also v8 will likely be released Monday but do not update until you see that I have updated the server via this thread!
  5. ActionDanger

    ActionDanger New Member

    Minecraft user name:ActionDanger
    Past experience: Countless hours of modded minecraft
    Reasons why you want to join: Looking to bounce ideas and come up with new challenges with a friendly community
  6. Alex Abercrombie

    Alex Abercrombie New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Supernova_pilot
    • Age: 24
    • Past experience: about 1.5 years of minecraft, couple of months of ftb - know my way around well though
    • Reasons why you want to join: looking for a nice small server to have some fun and build
  7. Daefera

    Daefera New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Daefera
    • Age: 36
    • Past experience: Over a year in vanilla and all sorts of mods...
    • Reasons why you want to join: The smaller, the better. I hate PvP, and I love to put my energy in stuff I can be sure off it won't be deleted.
  8. Raksh

    Raksh New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Raksh
    • Age: 18
    • Past experience: Played for almost 3 years and have started to get used to FTB these last weeks. Have played on a few servers and I am looking for a new one that seems mature and community based.
    • Reasons why you want to join: I want a server that utilizes the FTB modpack and is mature, community based and doesn't put too many limits on the select few that play.
  9. jnmoore92

    jnmoore92 New Member

    • Minecraft user name: jnmoore92
    • Age: 21
    • Past experience: I've played minecraft since early Alpha, just got into Feed the Beast and still in the process of learning various mods
    • Reasons why you want to join: Find a nice friendly community that I can enjoy playing with and learn something new everyday
  10. Codec

    Codec New Member

    ActionDanger, Supernova_pilot, Daefera, Raksh and jnmoore92 have been whitelisted, hope to see you in game! Make sure to install the configs or you will not be able to join.
  11. DigitalFear

    DigitalFear New Member

    • Minecraft user name: DigitalFear123
    • Age: 17 but im mature for my age.
    • Past experience: A little bit of FTB, played alot of Tekkit.
    • Reasons why you want to join: I want to learn more about FTB and i dont want any underaged kids raging ingame chat.
  12. Stavex92

    Stavex92 New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Stavex92
    • Age: 20
    • Past experience: I played a lot of Tekkit in the past, also a little bit of FTB on a smaller server. I have experience with most of the mods (IC2, Buildcraft, Redpower, Forestry, Railcraft).
    • Reasons why you want to join: I have been looking for a Mincrack server that doesn't use the recipes from Gregtech. I would like to play with a good and mature community.
    English isn't my native language so my sentences may be a bit childish.
  13. boombang444

    boombang444 New Member

    Minecraft name- boombang444
    Age- 20
    Past experience- I played some tekkit and have played on other servers. I am hoping to expand my knowledge of the mods by playing more.
    Reasons i want to join- I want to have fun and be able to play on a server with no griefing and people who care about the game.
  14. Codec

    Codec New Member

    Stavex92 and boombang444 have both been added to the whitelist. Sorry DigitalFear but it wouldn't be fair to the people already on the server as it is listed as 18+ only.
  15. yurilebbie

    yurilebbie New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Yurilebbie
    • Age: 20
    • Past experience: know a bit of FTB and played vanilla basically since beta
    • Reasons why you want to join: to find a good place to play ftb with others
  16. spoonjr

    spoonjr New Member

    Minecraft user name: Nathyboy
    Age: 18
    Past experience: Last 2 years and 6 months of Ftb and mindcrack
    Reasons why you want to join: Need to find a place with mystcraft and a small community to play with
  17. dsoud030

    dsoud030 New Member

    • Minecraft user name: Dsoud030
    • Age: 18
    • Past experience: Tons of Vanilla Experience, currently play on a server with a few friends when I get bored of the mods. Though I have tons of experience with the mods, and is always great to have something new then the regular minecraft. I have also ran a few vanilla servers, ranging from small to big. A little more into it though, I have played minecraft since the original free online version was out. I began mods in the beta stages of Tekkit and became very dedicated to my worlds and servers on there.
    • Reasons why you want to join: I honestly need a small community based FTB server to play on, it would be my second home other then the vanilla server, and basically I would dedicate a ton of time to it. Really I just want to play the damn game, easy as that.
  18. spade901

    spade901 New Member

    • Minecraft user name: spade901
    • Age: 19
    • Past experience: Played Minecraft since 1.8 Beta, Tekkit since 1.0 and FTB since November. I've played on multiple servers, never been banned
    • Reasons why you want to join: In order from least to most significant: Server location makes for good ping for me (I live in Atlanta :p), easy mode Gregtech, being able to voice chat with members, able to create Mystcraft ages (within reason), small community, wanting to get to know some cool people. And I don't mean just recognizing usernames. I want to actually meet some people I can call friends.
  19. Michael Marko

    Michael Marko New Member

    Minecraft username: mastereriks
    Age: 25
    Past Experience: I've played Tekkit since 1.3, minecraft since 1.9 beta, and a lot of Feed the Beast single player.
    Reasons why you want to join: I want to join a mature server with a small community that has updated mods.
  20. Codec

    Codec New Member

    Yurilebbie, Nathyboy, Dsoud030, spade901 and mastereriks whitelisted, hope to see you in game!

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