Automatic Emerald Machine/ villager par-boiler

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  1. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    Hopefully this goes here.
    So there was some discussion in the crimes against minecraft thread about automating emerald production in a way that does not result in mass villager deaths. After a couple of days of mucking about here is what I call the villager par-boiler. It relies on 6 mods (7 if you want to nit pick): ComputerCraft, Thaumic Tinkerer, Blood Magic, Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft, and Tinkers Construct.


    In essence we are using Blood magic's ritual of regeneration to heal villagers who have been partially melted by Tinkers' smeltery, producing emerald. The ritual is insufficient to keep the villagers alive in the smelter full time so we mush lift them out every so often by using the Corporeal Attractor from Thaumic Tinkerer set in repel mode. The liquified emerald is extracted by a method best described in this video by @XMrPotatoX . I used a Computer from computercraft as a timer since the healing time is longer than the extraction time.

    The computer is one block below the attractor so that there is no possibility of the redstone signal interfering with the ritual. I have an override switch on the block for experimentation and because I am terrible with computercraft.

    The gate acts to reset the system so that the liquid emerald is always on the bottom of the smeltery and can be pumped out by the fliuduct on the left

    The timer code is my first time working with computercraft and can undoubtedly be improved
    while true do
    The second sleep time could potentially be changed a little, it currently leaves the villagers with around 9-10 life (some discrepancies in timing occurred when I added the auto extraction with fluiducts) na, just some oddities while testing, those times should be cutting things fairly close.

    The glass can be any block you want and you can bring it all the way down to the smeltery if you want it fully enclosed. The walls prevent the attractor from pushing the villagers out of the smeltery and the rood prevents fatal fall damage(the villagers bob around if you don't have one and accumulate fall damage which becomes fatal).

    Other things to par-boil:
    Iron golems- infinite iron
    Horses- glue (thanks XMrPotatoX)

    Also of note: Baby villagers are not affected by the attractor and thus will die in the smeltery. Consider building this in away from villages if you wish to prevent the possibility of villagers breeding.

    Update: According to @Quesenek geostrata regen potion crystals (or whatever they are called) work on villagers simplifying this build to the basic auto-smeltery + regen crystal. Presumably the crystals work on other meltable NPCs although this remains untested for now.
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  2. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    This is very impressive, and actually much more compact than I originally thought. Thanks for posting pictures!
  3. XMrPotatoX

    XMrPotatoX New Member

    This is great! You could modify this to work with horses if you really wanted to...get some glue out of them.
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  4. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    Or use iron golems to create infinite iron
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  5. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I must say... blood magic sure is bringing up the devils inside of us all
  6. loboca

    loboca New Member

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried any ArsMagica2 healing spell setups with this to see if that might increase / simplify the healing / regeneration? I haven't advanced far enough in AM2 to know if there is automatic spell casting .. stuff.
  7. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    I blame gravestones personally, they clog up the smeltery and while there are some clever workarounds for breaking them quickly enough to make a standard villager smelter worth while, this seemed more fun interesting.
    I would test with AM2 healing with this type of setup but I have removed it from my personal playlist so was unable/unwilling to test it. I encourage others to see if they can make it work and report back.

    I also know that XMrPotatoX has a version that runs off splash potions that uses far fewer mods. (looks like mainly TiCo and vanilla)
  8. SkeletonPunk

    SkeletonPunk New Member

    well, i will be using this in Achievement Get!
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  9. loboca

    loboca New Member

    Hrm, I'm not quite far enough up the AM2 tree to test the really nifty stuff, but I'll see what I can do.
  10. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    Very nice, i look forward to seeing how others implement this, it is currently a somewhat barebones setup and I haven't really tinkered with it.

    On a side note: Got my first Well of Suffering up and running (had just been doing manual witch sacrifice) ploped a witch spawner down sat there and...Ya, witches are not really into the whole death thing. Going to get me a couple of jailer nets from Minefactory reloaded and make me an infinite unbreakable blood source without the need to have a constant supply of fresh mobs.
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  11. QuantumCookies

    QuantumCookies New Member

    Could you make a video tutorial about this for the noobs of FTB?

    Also, is it possible to use a Redpower timer instead of a computer?
  12. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    I'm probably never going to make a video tutorial but I can try to make a step by step picture one if you think that would help. And I don't know how programmable the redpower timers are but using blood magic you need the time spent in the smeltery to be much less than the time spent healing in the air.

    In other news @Quesenek reports that geostrata regen potion crystals work on villagers and presumably the other meltable NPCs so if you have geostrata that simplifies the build tremendously. OP will be updated to reflect this.
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  13. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Yes, ProjectRed timers will work, but it will be more difficult to do than using a computer.
  14. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    Well, it may not be possible because a redstone timer has the same up and down times, but he said they're up out of the smeltery for much longer than they are in the smeltery, so because of that other timers you'd need a more complex set-up

    EDIT: Also, how does the ritual of regen work? Does it apply a regen effect, or does it add health directly?
  15. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    The ritual of regeneration gives players and friendly? NPCs regen 1(like from the potion). I think the duration is ~5 seconds and it is constantly refreshed so long as the ritual is active.
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  16. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    So ya, step by step.

    y1: block redstone dust computer with timer:
    while true do
    This is fairly exact timing and if you want to use something other than computercraft you will probably need to mess with it a bit.
    y2:Corporeal attractor right clicked so it is in repel(red) mode and bits of the ritual of regen(not in picture)
    y3:Most of the ritual of regen. If you are using a ritual diviner just place the master ritual stone here above the attractor and whack it with the diviner until it stops making sparkles. You will need to use the upgraded diviner since the ritual requires dusk runes.
    y4-6: Automated smeltery from video by XMrPotatoX. Basically liquiduct with servo on left selects for emeralds (or other output), redstone control: disabled. Gold gate in center detects if emeralds(or other product) are in the smeltery (needs smeltery drain behind it). Bottom right liquiduct with servo selects extra metal used to start the melting process, redstone control:high(which should be default). XMrPotatoX used an iron nugget in his video, I used gold so I can use this on iron golems. You can use a nugget of whatever metal you want, just select for it in the gold gate and the bottom right liquiduct.

    y7-9: glass or whatever you want to use. you need walls to keep the villagers contained otherwise they float off and out of the smeltery. you need a roof to keep them from taking fall damage.

    And that's it. Now grab some villagers/iron golems/other things that melt in the smeltery and chuck them in. Simmer indefinitely for infinite resources.
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  17. QuantumCookies

    QuantumCookies New Member

    Wow. That's actually surprisingly easy and compact, now that I understand it. It could easily be covered up to look nicer as well.
  18. netmc

    netmc New Member

    For redstone timers, use the sequencer. (The one that has four outputs that always runs and changes the output face every few seconds). Tie 3 of the faces together for the heal and leave the last unconnected.
  19. Optibane

    Optibane New Member

    I gave this build a shot with the Geostrata magenta potion crystals and I gotta say, I'm very impressed. The crystal easily keeps up with the damage from the smelter. After a couple of days I now have 1200+ blocks of emerald, more than I'll ever need. I also took it a step further and have a casting table for emeralds and a second one for iron so I can boil villagers and iron golems at the same time. Instead of an AND gate, I used an OR gate so I could have the gold nugget cycle if either emerald or iron is detected - otherwise the system gets stuck and only drains one of them while the other keeps filling. Now I just need to find a use for all of these emeralds....
  20. netmc

    netmc New Member

    You could reconstruct the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz. :p

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