Automated yellorium?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by mattp_12, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. mattp_12

    mattp_12 New Member

    I recently built a big reactor and I was wondering if there is a way to automate the production of yellorium for it. I know you could use laser drills with yellow foci, but I'm not sure if I have enough power. Before I made the reactor I only had about 8 magmatic dynamos to power my base, ( its fairly small.) and I obviously can't use the reactor yet because of the lack of fuel. Is there another alternative I could use to get yellorium? Thanks!
  2. trajing

    trajing New Member

    Digiminer, Boring Machine, quarries everywhere, etc.
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  3. mattp_12

    mattp_12 New Member

    Ok I'll probably look into making one if those! (I already have a quarry)
  4. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    You can use magical crops to grow IC2 uranium which can be turned into yellorite IIRC.
  5. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Quarry the twilight forest
    You will get yellowrite, uranium (ic2) and pitchenblende (rec) that can all be used for yellowrite
  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I actually didn't know about IC2 Uranium -> Yellorium (yellorite :p) conversion. Neato.
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  7. mattp_12

    mattp_12 New Member

    Yup ;)
  8. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Well it does in a roc extractor dunno about the other processig method :p
  9. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    I believe it comes down to if the config file is set to allow for the conversion.
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  10. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    Exactly ! Below are the defaults, showing OreDict equivalence for Yellorium. However, YMMV with your modpack:

    From config/BigReactors/BigReactors.cfg :
    # compatibility
    compatibility {
        # If true, automatically adds all unregistered ingots found as clonesof standard yellorium fuel
    Also, you can power an MFR Laser just fine at lower power levels. There's no penalty for it. It scales linearly with your power input. You'd have to intentionally build an extremely inefficient reactor to not be able to keep it stocked with Yellorium from a yellow-foci MFR Laser.
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  11. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I'm kinda glad I don't have MFR now, since everyone seems to be making tree farms (unending energy) out of BR + laser drill. On the other hand, my mining operations turn up enough yellorium that I might as well be focus-laser-drilling for it anyway.
  12. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    The problem is that BR is still in Alpha and only a few mods like MFR have added support for Yellorium and BR hasn't looked much beyond world-strippers (ex. quarry) and MFR laser for Yellorium. If I want to use bees to keep my reactor stocked, I currently have to install a mod like IC2 to get Uranium and then breed a Uranium bee.

    BR also currently serializes the very cool Turbine *behind* the reactor by requiring large quantities of Cyanite and a single Blutonium to boot. IMHO, the Turbine is a great stand-alone multi-block that shouldn't need the reactor. Indeed, it's steam-powered, which means a *lot* of different mods and fuel sources could power it.

    My next world, I will probably not be building a reactor, but will doing trees (yet again !) to make a high-volume, super-sapling tree, and feeding Ethanol into an RC boiler to make steam for the Turbine. That way, I have to use more than simply BR and MFR to make lots of power.
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  13. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Fun :)

    BTW I didn't realize the mod was still in alpha. That means they might be amenable to suggestions.

    I wanna ask them if they'd make larger reactors require better tech. One of the things I'm finding in my current world is that once you have BR, you have few tech-goals to achieve. You now have unlimited power. (not like ReC unlimited power, but enough to use the term.)

    For instance, I don't mind that I can build a tiny 3x3 (external) reactor rather early in the game with limited tech, but it would be cool if a 7x7 would require a special computer block (which could in turn be minetweaked to require Iridium Plating or some such)
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  14. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    Completely agree, sir. That would be a very cool tiered approach to BR power production. Other than changing BR itself, I don't know how a mod-pack maker via MineTweaker could easily enforce/encourage that.
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  15. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter New Member

    If you don't want to bother with MFR, and happen to have Magical Crops installed, you could do as someone else suggested and make uranium plants. Just be warned: they're expensive and dangerous to stand in when fully grown. By "dangerous," I mean that the radiation poisoning could very well kill you. Though, that would make for an incredibly cruel mob farm...hrm...oh creepersssssssss!
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  16. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    Cyan focus gives more yellowium than yellow, but even without a focus you can be pretty close to yellorium positive with a passive reactor and have no worries with active cooling and turbines. Once you don't need cyanite anymore reprocessing it to blutonium basically doubles your fuel.

    Atomic Science uranium converts to yellorium, so there might be an alternate renewable path there?

    I only had it installed for a short while and loved big reactors, so much i didn't explore atomic science. Looking at it's wiki it looks like it has some uranium enriching/breeding process?
  17. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I'm fairly new myself. It has a very small/abstracted breeding process. Whenever you "burn" 1 viable fuel (yellorium/blutonium), you create 1 cyanite as a waste product. You can throw 2 cyanite into a reprocessor to get 1 blutonium back.

    At this time, blutonium and yellorium are equivalent, although a look at the BR todo list suggests he would like to give them distinct properties at some point.

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