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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by xBCrafted, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted New Member

    I saw some people talking about how they didnt want to use a blaze shard for blaze rods, not sure why, but this is what i came up with as an alternate solution. It is very compact, cheap and easy to understand. I'm using the FTB Ultimate pack in the video.

    Feedback is welcome.

  2. GrimPanda

    GrimPanda New Member

    this is pretty interesting. I would like to know why people wouldn't want to use a blaze shard though. The only issue I see with this build, is that if people aren't wanting to use a blaze shard for a farm, would they also object to using a shard for miniium farming? Again, no clue why they objected to shards in the first place.

    Also, Minecraft Reloaded has an item that allows you to pick up and re-drop spawners, would that work as an alternative?
  3. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted New Member

    I have no real clue why people wouldnt use a blaze shard. I use one in my LP, just thought it was an interesting little design.
  4. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    basically it's the EE2+IC2 exploit, same can be done with bonemeal.
    it's been out for quite a while now, and not many people favor this option because it's just too... cheaty.
  5. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted New Member

    Really anything involving Equivalent Exchange can be called "cheaty". But isnt FTB all about mass production? Even if it does seem a bit cheaty?
  6. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    I love how EE is at fault for being cheaty when in fact it's the other mods that create more of the item from nothing. EE merely allows the item to change states based on vanilla structure. No single mod is at fault for this it's merely a crossmod exploit.
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  7. Freakscar

    Freakscar New Member

    While you are perfectly right (imho) - here's the answer from my subjective view about "why not? Even though it is a bit cheaty?". And all this only holds valid as long as we are talking about the settings and possibilities, that FTB has to offer, of course.

    Y'know, while FTB sure as heck is about automation, mass production and literally everything industry wise - it's (at least in my book) not about "put object a in machine b and get object c, where object c may be anything." See, it's a ruleset. You do not get obsidian out of a rolling machine. You do not get steam out of a squeezer. The list goes on. In a way, all the machines and setups are following a system, or pseudo-reality, check. You need mixed metal ingots, you use the rolling machine. You need iron dust, you use a pulverizer/macerator/etc. You need honey from combs, you use the squeezer. In itself, it does make sense, in the broadest way possible. But apart of the "cheaty" Miniumstone (which I do love dearly, to have that said), there is no way, one could build a "be all end all" machine, where you put in dirt and get diamonds out. Which is transportable and is made (Miniumstone is way too cheap^^) out of three dirt and a stick. ;)

    I think you see, where I'm trying to point. Again, that's my personal opinion and in no way a must for anyone elses' gameplay style.
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  8. Xipheon

    Xipheon New Member

    It's cheaty because of how broken and cheap it is. Like you showed, just 1 blaze rod with a machine you already own and a minium stone and you can generate infinite blaze rods and powder with next to no resource cost.

    The typical balanced mass production way would be to get a soul shard for them, build a room for them to spawn, and a machine to kill them. This has a more reasonable cost for both space and effort to then get free infinite blaze rods.

    However, like everything else in minecraft, do what you find fun even if others think it's cheaty.
  9. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted New Member

    I agree that getting something for nothing is rather pointless. And as stated above, i use a T5 spawner in my LP for my blaze rods. But, the way i see it, items like blaze rods in the grand scheme of things, are so insignificant. Its not like its an iridium duplicator or something of that sort. I just thought i would share this, and i knew some people would dislike it just like others will love it.

    I thank everyone for their honest opinion. :D
  10. xBCrafted

    xBCrafted New Member

    I wasnt trying to blame EE. I do understand the purpose of EE. I am not trying to blame any mod for anything "cheaty". Simply using mechanics that might not have been meant to be used together. :D
  11. San

    San New Member

    People don't like using shards because they only work when someone is logged in and in the area. Chunk loading the space it is in does no good because the mobs will still despawn right away.
  12. Jacobness

    Jacobness New Member

    Not Tier 5 Spawners. Monsters from these don't despawn even if no one is nearby.
  13. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    EE is at fault because it makes something that's supposed to be irreversible reversible. Grinding something to dust and then turning it back into the old item 'magically' is just strange. Mods are balanced around the availabily and obtainability of vanilla items because that's pretty much the only way they can balance themselves. This is why 'costly' items that are considered pretty 'end-game' for a certain mod often require diamonds, blaze rods, ender pearls, ghast tears or even nether stars. This is because those are only available in rather large quantities once you're pretty much in the 'late game' phase of your base.

    Ender pearls for example can only be obtained in large quantities once you have access to the end, which itself requires a hefty time investment. Thermal Expansion tesseracts are balanced around this. It's supposed to be an item you don't have stacks off within an hour of starting out.

    The problem with EE is that it COMPLETELY throws this basic premise of rarity overboard. You don't need to find blazes for blazerods, you don't need to kill craptons of endermen for the 16 enterpearls you need for a tess, you don't need lava to create some obsidian, etc. All you need is a few stacks of iron. I typically have the 8 minium stones within an hour of playing just by killing the stuff that tries to kill me.

    Mod authors are trying very hard to make their most advanced items time consuming to obtain. This means there is some kind of progression involved. EE3 throws this out of the window by allowing you to make all of these items out of cheap abundant stuff. And that's why in my opinion it's a bad mod that should not be in these packs. Sure enderpearls are annoying to get at the start. But with EE3 in the pack our whole server just doesn't bother with the end anymore and just creates them from the abundant amounts of iron we have. Why bother killing a bunch of endermen if you have 10k iron bars in stock?

    I understand that people like to not have to kill endermen. But why not then just cheat in some enderpearls if you can't be bothered to kill them. What's the difference? It's not "less cheaty" if you use a mod to do exactly the same as just NEI-ing in some pearls.
  14. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Good lord it's funny how much you seem to not like this mod and apparently not like that some people don't want to have to work as much as you might. Not everyone enjoys it.

    And just btw; there is a difference. Less work than absolute highest tier != 0 work.
  15. Mageleon

    Mageleon New Member

    Looks kinda interesting and overpowered at the same time just reminds me of condesors it looks really good but im going to avoid this haha xD
  16. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    It's not about the amount of work. It's about how it upsets the balance provided by the relative rarity of vanilla items. Mod authors try to balance around that (as I've explained already and you didn't bother to quote) and EE3 is making the same mistake EE2 was making. If a mod author now wants to bottleneck the production of their items they have to move to stuff like ghast tears or nether stars (untill EE3 lets you create them out of diamonds).

    And because I DISLIKE gathering ender pearls I want that mod gone. Because with the mod all mod creators can do when balancing the cost of items is to go for items that aren't provided for free by EE and go for stuff that's even MORE annoying instead.
  17. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    I didn't quote it because it's a moot point. I don't care how the mod author wants their mod balanced. They're not the one playing it and I'll use whatever I want to use to make my experience as I wish to see it. EE2 never made a mistake. Oh and nether stars can be made with Xeno's.

    I also hope you're merely saying you want it gone from your server because if you mean from the packs it's fairly selfish. They can also just ignore it's existence and balance as they normally would and let people choose if they want to follow that level of balance or make it easier for themselves. Both are correct ways of playing.

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