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Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by kleshas, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. kleshas

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    Summary of the problem Auo-jump not staying off

    Pack Version 1.0.0

    What is the bug? Auto-jump, set in game options, quite often does not stay off within the instance. It ALWAYS reverts to ON when restarting the game.
    I seem to remember this being a bug on a previous FTB release too :/

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix None
  2. grandrolf

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  3. tfox83

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    Not able to reproduce, however there is a hotkey that can be binded in control options that will enable/disable auto-jump, you may want to check that.
  4. Cypress1337

    Cypress1337 Guest

    It's binded to the set waypoint key ("B")

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