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    Not the right place for this post. Head over to tech support part and create a support request - add as much information you can + provide full log. (use and share links to logs)
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    Is this thread still open? I need massive help with this mod. Long story short I used to make a crafting table then a crafting station and be able to easily repair most tool (damaged stone axe, put it in the crafting station with the "main block in this case a stone and it repairs itself).... i'm not sure why this has stopped working....any help would be great!
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    what do you mean links to logs? i have the game output when its booting up?
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    That changed a couple of versions ago... Now you have to have either a Tool Station (crafting table + blank mold pattern) or use "Sharpening Kits" (made with a mold in the smelter)

    This post also belongs in "Ask a simple question, get a simple answer", under the "General chat" thread.
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    I mean I was just doing it and then restarted the game and now it wont work?

    I'm really new to minecraft so im sorry to ask stupid things... So there isn't a way to simply repair my tools? (as in place damaged pick and source material ie. stone, wood, iron bar in a station or something?) The tool station looks like I have to keep making the pick over and over...
  6. Hambeau

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    If you are talking about versions of the tools made by Tinker's Construct then yes. "Vanilla" tools, made on a crafting table are not repairable.

    If you make a pick using the tool rod, binding and pick head you can repair it on a Tool Station by putting the tool in the center and the material the head is made of in one of the surrounding blocks... If the tool is 100% broken it will take two blocks or ingots of the material, at some point of damage % it only takes one item. I usually make all the tables plus an extra Tool Station to carry. My first tools are usually wood handles, wood bindings and stone heads. Since I get cobble for free when mining I can always place the tool station and repair my pick.

    A relatively new item are the "Sharpening Kits" There is a smeltery mold if you need to need metal parts or Obsidian, but many materials can be made just like you make stone patterns to make permanent molds.

    The nice thing with this process is that you can place any 100% tool on the table and apply a better Sharpening Kit to get some of the traits of that sharpening kit's material. For example, you can make a pick with wooden handle and binding and a stone head. If you apply an Obsidian Sharpening kit and a single piece of flint to a 100% repaired axe like this it retains the durability of stone but gains the mining level of obsidian, with the bonus of being repairable with cobble. The sharpening kits can also be applied to the same material, say a bronze tool with a bronze kit to repair the tool using the crafting table or even on your 2x2 inventory crafting space.
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    I’m definitely going to look into this! Thank you so much!

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