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  1. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    In order to ascend to god-hood, the player must go through the deadliest trials related to mortality, battling hordes of mobs, lack of food, water, temperatures, realistic darkness as well as cave-ins and various other environmental challenges. The pack has an underlying greek mythology theme in which players represent differing gods based on their actions and class selection.

    Inspiration comes from the difficulty of Blood N' Bones but intended to provide a form of progression through time survived instead of resources gathered/grinded. I seek to create a form of customizable character creation system that allows players a new experience each world that is created.

    How it works:
    • The pack is hardcore
    • The player will choose from several dimensions that determine difficulty. Overworld, The Nether and one other dimension (most likely the erebus).
    • The player will choose from several classes to determine combat style. Ranged, Magic, Melee and other more niche classes.
    • Player will then choose from an array of Am2 affinities to provide a form of depth and adaptabiltiy in choosing their type of "godhood"
    • The world becomes progressively harder with Deadly World, satisfaction in the pack comes from time survived.
    • Each time the player reaches a milestone of time survived, they will receive a piece of equipment related to their god-class.
    • Milestones also include the choice of unlocking a new tree of crafting that was previously locked.
    • Difficulty is increased through enviromine, Spice of Life, Deadly World, Difficult Life, Epic Siege Mod, as well as more types of mobs.
    Progression is dependent on how long the player has survived, where X amount of time survived warrants a "credit" for equipment.

    Questbook Implementation:
    The quest book will mainly be used to determine the customization of the player as well as small sections to clarify survival based on which dimension/trial they have chosen.

    I seek to create a new form of hardcore pack that has several forms of replay-ability with unique challenges each run.

    You can find more details and the layout of each system here:

    =====Currently in development=====
    • Player Classes
    • Player affinities
    • Player custom crafting trees T1, T2, T3
    • Concluding Boss
    Player Classes
    Class 1: Melee
    • Uses Dynamic Sword Skills mod as progression through combat
    • Can dual wield
    • Only class that can construct swords and shields.
    • Tankiest class.
    Class 2: Ranged
    • Uses special bows, arrows and various ranged weaponry (thorned chakra)
    • Can craft arrows extremely cheaply.
    • Not as tanky as the melee class.
    • Skilled in surviving in tough environments.
    Class 3: Magic
    • Highest damage class, squishiest overall.
    • Gains access to many AM2 spells and wand foci through progression.
    • Can escape tough situations in a pinch.
    • Hardest class to finish the pack with.

    • World gen - Realistic World gen, Streams Mod
    • Spawn Area
    • Dryad Trading Script
    • Ambrosia

    Tentative Core Mods (will be updated as I progress):
    • AM2
    • Botania
    • Thaumcraft & Addons
    • Dynamic Sword Skills
    • HQM
    • Epic Siege mod
    • Enviromine
    • Difficult Life
    • Realistic World Gen
    • Harcore Darkness
    Images gathered during development
    [​IMG] Spawn brought to you by @SkeletonPunk
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  2. Mikhaila666

    Mikhaila666 Well-Known Member

    One thought that came to mind from thinking of 'ascension to godhood' was stories of how gods/demigods/angels were 'cast down'.

    Maybe a mechanic where instead of death being the end of your game, a few things happen. "You are a failure in the eyes of the Gods. Not even Death will give you sanctuary, and you are cursed to relive your failed life"
    -Character is reset to starting level.
    -Any bonus equipment earned is deleted.
    -A penalty is imposed on them for a time period, making them even slower/weaker until they have overcome the 'curse'. No exp or progression possible until curse removed.
    -The character has a quest to remove the curse: Kill 100 zombies, Sacrafice 100 gold ingots to the gods, etc.
    -The curse is longer each time they die: 150 zombies, 150 gold ingots, etc

    For some people, this will be worse than just starting over, but that's their option :)
  3. darthwesix

    darthwesix Active Member

    this seems cool what is the modlist you have in mind
  4. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    The current core list is posted to reflect what is for sure being used. More will be added as I approach other parts of the pack.
  5. TheKiller2015

    TheKiller2015 New Member

    Seems like a good challenge. I am always looking for new difficult or atleast challenging packs to entartain myself with. Good luck making it.Just a tought tough, maybe you could find a way to make warp also affect the sanity level from EnviroMine, that would make it a lot harder to ignore, thing a lot of players do because even with 100% warp you aren't so bothered. It may even be good because it spawns the weird thaumcraft phantoms that drop the Eyes in.
  6. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    Interesting idea, however I am trying to reduce the amount of RnG deaths and lead it more to skill and reasoning. Dying to a horde of mobs is a bit more fair than dying to a horde of mobs while your sanity decides to act up and spawn more hordes of mobs.
  7. darthwesix

    darthwesix Active Member

  8. Zartanis

    Zartanis New Member

    Are you going to change the coding for the gaia gaurdian so that you summon it underground? It was a bit of a game breaking issue in Banished
  9. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    Random deaths, I want to minimize the chances of a player dying from something completely random and out of their control.

    Uhhh have you not been able to summon one? The pack has been released for quite a while now and nobody else has reported this issue.
  10. Zartanis

    Zartanis New Member

    You should check reddit lol. Some ppl have the know how to change the config files on their own. unfortunately I'm not so technologically inclined. I gave up on the Banished pack early November bc of this issue and even asked about it in your thread with no reply.
  11. Zartanis

    Zartanis New Member

    Have you tried summoning one in a test world and been successful?
  12. Brenn_

    Brenn_ Active Member

    Even as bad as I am at combat, I really want to try this out!

    Random Number Generation.
  13. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    Before its release I was able to, something may have been changed in one of the updates that I overlooked, Botania has been updated over 40 times since the pack was released. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Any other bugs can be reported in the banished bugs thread.
  14. Zartanis

    Zartanis New Member

    Please do. I worked hard to get to the absolute end game of both botania and Am2 (fire guardian kinda broke my soul too lol) and it was a bit of a killer when, after spending a few semi obsessed weeks, I find that no matter what I do I can't actually progress bc of a bug.
  15. TheKiller2015

    TheKiller2015 New Member

    Seen from that point, it seems well.After all, it doesn't make much of a difference.
  16. Zartanis

    Zartanis New Member

    Some thoughts I had.

    Include tinkers construct:
    -include the leveling system that is other mod packs have used for items
    -lock the sword blade pattern, bow pattern, and crossbow patterns and make them quest rewards for the proper classes.
    -possibly lock the pick ax head as well and give it or AM2 dig spell as early reward

    add blood magic for the melee class focused on sacrificing mobs and not yourself (nothing screams god of combat like forging armor made from the blood of your enemies)

    It might be a decent idea to lock out various recipes from mods mid game to keep the player on the path instead of letting them delve too deep into packs that don't pertain to their class.
  17. Steel

    Steel Well-Known Member

    I like this idea for a modpack. My favorite part from Banish is the AM2 spells you get as quest rewards. I think AM2 is cool, but spell crafting takes too long to get in to early game(for me at least), and is long and tedious. So I'm pretty excited to see another pack that jump starts AM2 with some quest book spells.
  18. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    The spawn area has been constructed thanks to @SkeletonPunk!
  19. Trisscar

    Trisscar Well-Known Member

    Interesting, adding Thaumcraft on it's own may present weird issues, since most of it's weaponry requires vis, essentia, or both. And the few wands I can think of that regen vis naturally either take a VERY long time to do so, or a moderate amount and are the amber wand/scepter, which holds only around 10/15 vis respectively. And both groups are very RNG, plus the foci have a sometimes laggy equip system. Otherwise the usual way to gain either vis or essentia is grinding/finding nodes, which doesn't sound like it's what you want here, though I may be wrong on that.
    I also feel I should ask, assuming someone gets warded blocks or other similarly unbreakable things, can they just build a 1x2 room with a torch and sit in it forever? I seem to remember things you can do to game the Enviromine effects, both in terms of gear you can wear, and silly things you can do with blocks. And simply removing those blocks (the thaumcraft basic warded ones anyway, the ones without the wand focus) as far as I remember breaks up the progression in that mod.
    Also, is someone finally picking up the slack on AM2, or is it still un-curated?
  20. BaileyH

    BaileyH Hubris/Banished/Simply Magic Dev Third Party Pack Team

    I have not updated the mod list, but I am using a few of the thaumcraft addons that add more wands,foci and gear.

    There will be no indestructible blocks, especially with Epic Siege mod running. Players to try to hide in one spot will quickly run out of thirst, hunger and air quality.

    AM2 is intended to receive an update when the next milestone of bug fixes are reached, but they shouldn't be too relevant for this pack
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