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  1. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    fwiw this isn't the definition I've ever used. In any company I've developed software for, you just described a closed beta. An open beta is literally open to everyone (or to all existing clients) with the provisio that they understand its a beta.
    (And a "public release" is literally "going to production")

    Naturally, ymmv. Maybe Canada's just weird :)
  2. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Been trying to get this point acrossed. Guess it isn't catching hold. Open Beta for games like wow/fortnite type of games is not the same as beta for FTB packs. They do do about the same things just for FTB it is just a version number change. FTB no matter what version they are in will not release packs for the most part if they are not stable. How ever I don't want people thinking it is going to be like a COD open beta. Beside most times those betas are more for server testing they anything else.
  3. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Heya magzie. Not sure who this is directed to. And I don't know what wow and fortnite do for open betas so I'm not sure what kinda point you're making (sorry) :(
  4. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    The point again for those still confused is that open beta for ftb means the version number for the pack is 1.0.x. 1 meaning it is a beta pack and the .0 mean it is a open beta. Where as open betas for game devs is a trial run for server testing and\or balancing. X being the patch number.
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  5. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Thanks kindly. That's pretty odd to me. If 1.x.x is beta, do they call release/prod version 2.x.x then? (This is contrary to any release system I've ever heard of, never mind worked with)

    And it might be worth pointing out that most game devs I know follow the same system I'm familiar with: Beta/Alpha/Prod has nothing to do with version numbers, its just a state-of-the-product.
    Alpha: Feature incomplete, but some features can be tested
    Beta: Feature complete, but with known or anticipated bugginess
    Prod/Release: Feature complete, tested, no known show-stopping bugs.

    But I don't know anyone who works worked on wow or fortnite (although I have worked with game devs from studios you're familiar with)
  6. In November, you said:

    > Development is progressing on our expert mode pack for Minecraft 1.12. We have settled on the name FTB Continuum and are starting testing this week. As usual, there's no release timeline.

    5 months later you actually started testing. What happened?
  7. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    They could be releasing tomorrow and there would still be no release timeline...rofl. That is the way it is..rofl.
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  8. I'm not asking about the release timeline. I'm just wondering how "next week" = 4 months later? This seems like a major fuckup of someone.
  9. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    What makes you think testing hasn't been done by someone at some point for the months prior to that?
  10. Pyure

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  11. Bishnu Gupta

    Bishnu Gupta Guest

    Awesome! Excited for the competition.
  12. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    No matter what you were asking for they left links to the people testing the pack that stream and make youtube video you can go actually look at them testing the pack...rofl!
  13. Now that the pack is nearing release, I would like to ask if any of the streamers that have played continuum have shown a list of all the mods currently in the pack.

    I'm mainly concerned as to whether or not OpenComputers is in the pack, or if anyone knows anything about it.
  14. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    They don't allow the mod list shown as far as I know until it is release even on streams and videos.
  15. Nuclear_Creeper0

    Nuclear_Creeper0 Well-Known Member

    I watched a bunch of the YT videos. The mod lists from what I've seen at least looks kinda boring and uncreative.
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  16. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Someone help me out her...? Why does every mod dev now think they it is a good idea to have stuff spawn on every surface of the ground. Past 2 packs a load up and there is grass which is ok but the graphics has been changed to be more "detailed" and then fake grass on every grass surface. People don't have the graphics or memory to spawn in these details. Bad part is the change are mod based so they can't just switch the resource packs off. Are packs supposed to be user friendly graphic wise. Here is a potaoe pc tip for devs. There are four things that can't be details if you want reg people playing the pack. Leaves, Grass, Water, and shadows.
  17. Senseidragon

    Senseidragon Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you might be referring to a mod called Better Foliage, which can be toggled in-game for greater or lesser detail. In the last pack I tried, SevTech I believe, F8 was the keybind, and you could turn off "grass", "reeds", and "mycelium" for example, to get rid of a lot of that unnecessary detail. Turning these things off will not affect the pack as they are only cosmetic changes.
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  18. Kuktar

    Kuktar Guest

    Unfortunately i have the answer to this question but take it with some salt. unless they added it in secrete then no open computers was not inluded in any streams i watched (wich i honestly think is all of them. i didnt see it in JEI or any of the machines. i love the mining turtles so i payed close attention.

    The good news is with very LITTLE work you can add it yourself in SP worlds, and even for servers its super easy. the ingrediants to craft most open computers are not to OP anyways so not game breaking.
  19. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't add any mods to the expert pack. It can break the game and/or break progression.
  20. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    This is generally true, but I feel kuktar more or less covered that with his caveats.

    I'm part of the team behind infitech2 (heavily modified gt pack) but even I will occassionally spend a little time integrating little things to suit my preferences (for instance, I replaced big reactors with nuclearcraft)
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