Anti-aliasing in modded minecraft?



Title Anti-aliasing in modded minecraft?

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Modpack All

Modpack version ALl

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Details of the issue Hello guys, anyone know how to forcef AA in modded miencraft? So far (for me) worked only one think and thats the Optifine, but only in vanila MC, when i tried it in modded minecraft such as PO2 it does nothing, i cant even set AA, Nvidia inspector doesnt work and Nvidia panel does nothing too. I tried some other tutorials on the youtube but nothing helped and its incredibly ugly without AA, my grafics card is Nvidia Geforce 960 gtx 2gb, If anyone knows why AA does these problems in my games, please answer, also my monitor is FullHD 24 inch.


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Dec 2, 2012
Anti-aliasing in Minecraft is done in the Optifine mod itself, what you need are other mods that control rendering and the anti-aliasing in the version of Minecraft you're trying to get anti-aliasing for. Most mods are version specific, please check to ensure that you have the correct version for your modded Minecraft installation as installing a wrong or outdated version may cause errors. What screen resolution are you running, anyway, that would make anti-aliasing a significant concern to you? Can you give some example images of what rendering errors you're seeing regarding anti-aliasing?

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