Request All I need is someone who can turn a model into a block or entity

Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by felinoel, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. felinoel

    felinoel New Member

    I've got a modder adding blocks and items and such for me for an addon culture for the Millenaire mod, he made all of the blocks and items and whatnot, but one block/entity still needs to be made. It is a model that needs to be uploaded into Minecraft. Can anyone help me convert a Techne model into a block/entity for Minecraft? If needed the model can be done in Blender.

    Here are the things he made: Materials-1.7.2-0.1.0.jar
  2. Lethosos

    Lethosos New Member

    Techne has the ability to output into Java code. From there he just has to call up the renderer and apply the texture. I'd show you some working code for that, but I would have to retrieve it from my Github repository, and I'm away from the keyboard for tonight.

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  3. felinoel

    felinoel New Member

    I've had people ask me for the outputted Java code and then tell me that it didn't work, I am no programmer I only want to make a small addon culture for Millenaire and they need some culture-specific item to really sell the idea... /:

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