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Whitelist Server [Agrarian Skies 2.1.9] Shockraft |16+ | Teamspeak | Whitelist | No Banned Items

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by ShockwaveOO9, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. ShockwaveOO9

    ShockwaveOO9 New Member

    Most of the people that were playing on the server before have either disappeared or left the server and I wanted to open up the slots since I still have plenty of time on the server left.

    What you need to submit:

    Can you use Teamspeak:


    I will send you the Teamspeak IP after you are whitelisted.

    Don't tell me why you want me to join, most apps do that and it's fluffy garbage.

    Hope to see some new faces joining.
  2. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    IGN: wackoman6789
    Can you use Teamspeak: yes
    Age: 16
  3. Orcius

    Orcius New Member

    Can you use Teamspeak:yes
  4. coolvictorDJ

    coolvictorDJ New Member

    IGN: coolvictorDJ
    Can you use Teamspeak: Yes
    Age: 16
  5. Shermsdeli

    Shermsdeli New Member

    IGN: shermsdeli
    Можете ли вы использовать Teamspeak: Yes
    ВОЗРАСТ: 15
  6. Lirannl

    Lirannl New Member

    IGN: lirannl
    Can you use Teamspeak: Rarely. Usually without speaking.
    Age: 15, yes, I am one year too young, but I really think you should consider giving me a chance.
    I am quite surprised by that you didn't ask why would we like to join ;) it's always the same.
  7. JOURNEY65

    JOURNEY65 New Member

    can you use Teamspeak:yes
  8. Mike8005

    Mike8005 New Member

    IGN: mike8005
    Teamspeak: No
    Age: 17
  9. warriorsofcats

    warriorsofcats New Member

    IGN: warriorsofcats
    teamspeak: yes
    age: 17
  10. dustin heisey

    dustin heisey New Member

    IGN: pibx10
    Can you use Teamspeak:no
  11. Mad_Mine

    Mad_Mine New Member

    Can you use Teamspeak:Yes
  12. Tjaden

    Tjaden New Member

    IGN: Tjaden
    Can you use Teamspeak: Yes
    Age: 19
  13. ChrisX3

    ChrisX3 New Member

    Little late, but whatever :p
    IGN: shnitzel704
    Can you use Teamspeak: No, parents are annoying. Ugh.
    Age: 17
  14. bobidepic

    bobidepic New Member

    IGN: bobidepic
    Can you use Teamspeak: some times depending where I am and what times
  15. flick

    flick New Member

    IGN: flick_star
    Can you use Teamspeak: yes
    Age: 25

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