Open ae2 wireless terminal completely draining flux capacitors

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Summary of the problem ae2 wireless terminal completely draining flux capacitors

Pack Version 1.1.0

What is the bug? (the pack version is actually 1.2.0, but the forum form hasn't been updated yet).

I've created a wireless universal terminal (extra cells 2) to access my network. Whenever I open it up, it completely drains my active flux capacitors*, even when already fully charged. It drains both the wyvern flux capacitor (from draconic evolution) and the resonant flux capacitor (thermal expansion). The wireless terminal from ae2 works normally, which makes me think the problem is somewhere with extra cells 2.

* It can drain 80 million RF in under 5 seconds

Mod & Version Extra cells 2 -1.7.10 - 2.3.14

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes, power is drained every time it is opened.

Known Fix Flux packs from simply jetpacks work fine, but take up the chestplate slot. Alternatively, carry around multiple terminals instead of a single universal one.