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  1. San

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    Heya! I made a tree farm and I would like to show you all my setup. First of all, it doesn't use arboretums or multifarms or any of that stuff. Too much of a pain to replace the humus and dirt and stuff. Instead it uses Xychorium soil for super fast growth times and TONS of logs.

    Mods used:
    -Thermal expansion

    2013-05-02_11.19.52.png 2013-05-02_11.22.03.png
    This kinda gives you a basic idea of what I'm going for here. Pretty much the xychorium soil can be stacked on top of one another to yield faster and faster growing trees. In my example I only have like 3 layers, but the more the better.
    The logger has to be placed slightly above the xychorium soil to reach all the topmost branches.
    The deployers are going to be placing the saplings.

    The wiring will trigger the deployers constantly, making sure that the xychorium soil always has saplings growing on it
    Vanilla wiring is also possible.
    In this picture I had already installed the chests. Those double chests just serve to connect the deployers to a single network. This will be important for when the routers are put into place.

    2013-05-02_11.28.17.png 2013-05-02_11.28.32.png
    I just went with tubes because idk felt like it. The logger kinda acts oddly when you try to do other stuff with it. I voidpipe the apples and route the logs and saplings into seperate chests.

    The routers are used to insert saplings into the deployers. The upgrades I used are two machine filters and one ejector.

    It is now functional. Provide power to the logger and supply the router with saplings and it will start. I used wrath lamps to keep the trees from growing while I worked on it.
    2013-05-02_11.41.52.png 2013-05-02_11.54.14.png 2013-05-02_11.55.15.png
    I added a second ring around the first since the logger still had some unused space available. Doing this increases the efficiency of your xychorium soil, but be careful about spacing. If oak saplings are used in the second ring logs will spawn outside of the reach of the logger. Instead use saplings from a tree that doesn't create branches.
  2. San

    San New Member

    The leaves don't even have time to despawn before another tree grows. I have a chest full of logs within minutes.

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  3. dutchwarbandit

    dutchwarbandit New Member

    looks intresting but i rather use the minefactory reloded tree farm.
  4. southernfriedbb

    southernfriedbb New Member

    The only problems I see with your setup is your use of the forestry logger. They are being removed sometime in the future.

    As mentioned by dutchwarbandit above, a MFR harvester might work well in place of the logger.
  5. dutchwarbandit

    dutchwarbandit New Member

    If i remember correctly a MFR haverster whit a emerald upgrade got a range of 23x23 blocks and you cant make the forestry haverster any more it is removerd.
  6. Tjaden

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    Can you show the router setup? I've made a router sorting system before but only from copying a setup from someone else, so I actually have no idea how routers work, if you could I would love to use this design.
  7. Mageleon

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    The Farm looks pretty cool but not exactly recourse friendly if you are trying to do it legit but besides that i might try and build it when i make a new world because i got 2 extra dimensional full of each logs
  8. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    it's a nice way of using as many mods as possible, but it's not a design I'd use xD
    I'm always a person who tries to do it as efficient, cheap, and clean as possible
  9. Mageleon

    Mageleon New Member

    you remind me of me haha
  10. abculatter_2

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  11. San

    San New Member

    The router that is attached to the ender chest is equipped with a machine filter and an ejector upgrade. Set it to extract from the ender chest and eject into the second router.
    The second router has just a machine filter on it. Tell it to insert the saplings into the deployers (slot 0)

    The problem with that setup is that you'd need to build like, 4 of them to produce the amount of logs that this one is making. Besides, xychorium soil isn't that hard to make. Just takes a bunch of green xychorium, which is like super common.

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