Adding new ores to Cofh world gen

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Bickers, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    are the any guides on how to add new ores to this been trying to add new ores to this but when the game is ran it it simply removes anything i have added to it.
    i have had a look on google and the cofh wiki and found no info on this
  2. Odovbold

    Odovbold New Member

    Which config file you have added your ore to?

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  3. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    You have to add your ore to the template file which is WorldCustomGen.txt that file will inject the ores inthe the CoFHWorld-Generation.cfg file.
  4. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    yeh that was my problem thanks is it possable to use Cofh world to add ores to the nether?
  5. tedyhere

    tedyhere New Member

    I would have to dig around and ask a few friends. I use Metallurgy to add ores into the nether or nether ores, you can turn off the zombie pigman aggro in the nether ore configs...that may be the way to go. Oh also turn off explosions..unless you like chain explosions tearing up half a chunk lol
  6. can u explain how to do this i have tried multiple times and does not seem to work. i disabled all the ore gen from the other mods and try to add my own in the template file, but no ores generate plz help its be much apperated thanks. :) p.s i saw your youtube, if possible could you make a video on how to do it

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