A Telltale Game - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [RPG / Telltale]


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Jul 29, 2019
Nevermind, go and stay outside the bank. Wait for someone to withdraw money and then follow them from afar


Aug 22, 2014
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Getting out of the cell? Ha! That's a piece of cake! *unsheathes claws* These are the sharpest claws I've ever seen, sawing through bars should be a piece of cake! And if that fails, I can pick the lock with them! It's getting out once we're outside the cell that's the problem.
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Jul 29, 2019
This game will be on pauze till further notice. Im going on vacation for 3 weeks. Sorry ;)
Have fun playing whatever in the mean time i hope to see you back after a few weeks!

DISCLAIMER: I might have internet were im going so the game might see some continuation in my vacation ;)
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If you know what a Telltale game is. You won't have to read this explanation.

Welcome to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Telltale Edition!

Explation about Telltale:
Telltale games is a sort of RPG
As you progress in the game. Multiple options will show up. You have to choose one..
Different paths will open.. Enemies will be made.. Ally's will be made.. Deaths will come..

Playing is easy. As you will be prompted to do anything.
Good luck.

If your character "Dies" By failing in any way.
You will be put back till the nearest decision that may help you survive.

If you want to join, Just PM Me with a message
- The nickname you want in the game
- A starter pokemon (Or il give you a random one)
- Singel player or Multi Player

On one last note. There are 2 modes. Singel Player & Multi Player
In single player you will follow a story and every time you do something. A personal recap will be done.

In multi player. You will follow a story with friends. You can help eachother. Kill eachother. Do whatever you want. The turns will say who needs to do something. As those people do something a recap will be made. Multiplayer will have different rules about death. These are different each time you die.. Your group might need to go back abit or your story output will just change.. You will see..

We will start as someone signs up! Good luck!

Any questions can be asked by PM. Don't ask anything about the story. Cause that will open up to you in time..

Don't forget. Everything you do. Will have a different outcome..
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