A Telltale Game - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [RPG / Telltale]


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Jul 29, 2019

As you guys went to the guild...

"Well.. This is the guilds entrance..."
As bulbasaur stood on the 'Hole'

???: "Sentry Sentry! Scanning footprint!!"

Bulbasaur jumped back off the grates.

???: "Hey! You don't have to be scared! Unless your evil ofcourse! Im just scanning if you are!"

"Oh.. Kay..."
Bulbasaur stepped on the grate..

???: "Senty Sentry! Scanning footprint!!"
Bulbasaur was shivering.

???: "Bulbasaur Detected! Bulbasaur Detected!"
???: "You can come in. Let me first scan your friend!"

As you and bulbasaur switched places..

???: "Sentry Sentry! Scanning footprint!!"
???: "Uhh.. Uhh......."

¿¿¿: "YEAH WHO IS IT??"

: "Uh.. Im not sure.."
¿¿¿: "WHAT!?"

"I think it is a totodile.. Yeah.. It is a totodile.."
¿¿¿: "IL LET THEM IN."

As the gate opened...

Go in.
Leave the area.



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Jul 29, 2019

As you both went down into the guild..

There is a big room, With 2 boards full of posters of wanted pokemon.. There are loads of pokemon around..
"So.. Were do we sign up...

As someone came up the stairs behind them

"Hello you 2. Im Chatot. The guild Masters right hand. Can i help you?
"Yes please! We would like to make a team!"
"Oh. Well. You Guys know its hard work ri.."
"Yes we do!"

"Hmm. Come with me"

As you went down to the office of the Guild master..

"Master are you ok?
"Ofcourse i am chatot! i was just sleeping.." "I guese these people want to become a team. Well they can :)"

Please fill in the following note's
Team Name
Team Leader

Tord / J il do your recap right after this one.


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Jul 29, 2019
@LivingAngryCheese @xTordX @the_j485

You can hear the sea.. Sometimes feeling a splatter.. You are lying there.. Helpless...

Tik stood up.. He saw the others.. But he was so confused.. Why were there pokemons next to him.. Those only excisted in games.. He looked into the water.. He himself was a pokemon..

He tried to wake up Cheez.. As Tord woke up him self.

They talked to eachother. Getting to know eachother..

Tord came with the idea of getting some food.. While Tik wanted to go search for a place to sleep.. But Cheez said to stick together..
They sticked together.. They came to a cross point..

Team decision.
66%/100% of the people on the team need to agree with 1 option.

Go left
Go straight ahead
Go right
Go back

It would be funny to put a bit of reasoning behind your choice. Convincing the others to join you. And making the story more diverse.
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Jul 29, 2019

"Welcome to the guild. Team Night Raid! Chatot give them their starting supply!"
"Sure thing."

You got an basic item bag (place for 10 items)
You got a Rescue Team Badge! (takes up no space)
You got an Oran berry! (heals you for 10 hp)

"You have a few more hours to enjoy your free life! in 2 hours dinner will be ready. Tomorrow you guys will start!"

Explore the guild
Explore the area around the guild
Wait till dinner