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Whitelist Server A small Magic World 2 server w/TS3

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Pug, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Pug

    Pug New Member

    I am opening my small server to a few people that would like to play on a Magic world 2 server that has nothing blocked. I am opening this up to about 10 players. We have a dedicated TS3 server for this server.

    There is just a few rules that I would like to implement:

    1. Have fun...this server is to have fun and to help each other out
    2. No grefing...I will ban you if you gref some one. If you want something let me know
    3. For mystcraft please keep the number of worlds to a minimum. I do not want the server to get too laggy

    if you would like to join please fill out this application

    In game name:
    Do you aggree to the rules:

    I have added a couple of mods to the server that you will need to add. You can download and add them from these websites:

    Extra Utilites:

    Open Blocks

    the server IP address is:
  2. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    In game name: anthony098765
    Do you aggree to the rules: I do.
  3. Pug

    Pug New Member

  4. Maffeo404

    Maffeo404 New Member

    If you are still looking for members I would like to give it a try.
    In-game name: Maffeo
    I agree to the rules.
  5. Ultimate_Rush

    Ultimate_Rush New Member

    In game name: Ultimate_Rush
    Do you agree to the rules: Absolutely.
  6. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel New Member

    do i agree to rules: sure xd
  7. jyuri

    jyuri New Member

    My IGN is jyuri
    I, jyuri, accept the rules.
    Can my friend, DeathNinja75 join too?
    He accepts the rules too.
  8. iHasRainbowz

    iHasRainbowz New Member

    IGN: iHasRainbowz
    I agree with the rules.
  9. HemRoyd

    HemRoyd New Member

    Is this server still accepting new members? I don't like griefing and I agree to the rules!
  10. HemRoyd

    HemRoyd New Member

    Forgot to say - in game name HemRoyd
  11. Shadow Listic

    Shadow Listic New Member

    In game name: ShadowHonoo
    Do you agree to the rules: of course

    Love to join, looking for full magic small server
  12. Boboiboy

    Boboiboy Guest

    In Game Name: TheVegetableGod
    Do you agree to the rules: I do

    I Would love to join I have been trying to find a magic world 2 server and this is the only one I found

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