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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Shoeboxam, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. DrCeph

    DrCeph New Member

    Hi mate,

    I'm a big fan of the Soartex pack and it and JohnSmith are my go to packs for Minecraft. I have a mod that I've created that is specifically designed for using with the FTB pack to fill the oil/fuel to EU gap, without breaking balance.

    The link is below in my signature and to note for the texture is that it has an on/off state for the texture - the first block is the on state and the fourth the off state.

    Anyway, if you can fit it into your texturing schedule, I would love that!
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  2. AuXDubz

    AuXDubz New Member

    Printscreens of FTB items would be cool
  3. Kaffefilter

    Kaffefilter New Member

    Remember to enjoy the time of year Shoeboxam ;) Don't overwork your self too much.
    Needlesstosay merry Christmas :)
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  4. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle New Member

    I hope everybody is ready for christmas. Our Soartex Team has just released a new patcher. It has been completely rewritten, given a full face lift, and huge amounts of stability and addons. Go check it out here.

    If you don't know what the patcher is here is a snip from the description:
    "The Soartex Patcher is a simple way to add mods to your texture pack. This patcher was created to allow users to select their mods that they want in the texture pack; instead of downloading some huge texture pack with every single mod inside of it. Everything is done for them."

    I have also compiled an old 1.2.5 version of the pack that should work with the retro FTB map. Download

    Have a great holiday season from the Soartex Team. Feel free to visit us and become a part of the community at Soartex.net
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  5. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    Aaand here is a huge update to the FTB pack. Version number 2.2.1

    -Buildcraft blocks, pipes and logic gates remade. Items and GUIs completed (except for that waterproofing) (thanks kapmapabijab)
    -Mystcraft blocks added
    -Forestry machines completed and GUIs almost complete. Backpacks added
    -All engines from all mods either remade or completed
    -XBXL blocks remade, tweaks throughout
    -Logic gate triggers sprite sheets completed throughout all mods
    -IC2 cables remade
    -Thermal Expansion revisions and additions
    -Lots of support for later versions of mods not yet included in FTB

    If you are using Optifine (which I recommend)
    -randomized grass and nether brick
    -no more spamming of GL errors in console
    -lots of fixes to make current MCPatcher support compatible with Opti

    1.2.5 version of the pack can be found above. GoldBattle packported all the new stuff to the formats used back then, so give him a pat on the pack. Magic pack will be arriving shortly. If you add other mods to FTB or make your own zip, try out the patcher GoldBattle posted above.

    @Kaffefilter: I love this stuff. ;) Vanilla content coming up next.
    @DrCeph: Cool mod, love your work, but vanilla needs quite a bit of attention and I've already spent an extra 3-4 weeks on mods than I had expected. If it makes it in FTB, it will become my priority.
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  6. zahfelade

    zahfelade New Member

    This may seem like a common sense thing, but I was curious if the FTB Pack and the Modded Pack share the same textures or if they were different. It seems there are more mods supported in the Modded Pack than the FTB Pack. I use a few mods that are not part of FTB, so the Modded Pack is what I generally download. I was just wondering if these updates apply to all of the packs, or just the FTB Texture Pack.
  7. GoldBattle

    GoldBattle New Member

    We do apply the changes to the modded pack but usally we wait for more mods to gain new textures untill we updated the soartex modded. That being said it still is no diffrent from being bigger to download and holding more mods, then just in the ftb pack. I can recommend (even though I'm bias because I helped make it) that if you ever want to most up to date textures use the patcher. Most mods textures get instantly update to our server that then get used by the patcher. We even compile the pack using the patcher. Get it here. http://soartex.net/patcher/. Hoped this answered your question....
  8. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    @zahfelade: All new textures are uploaded to the .zip files at soartex.net/modded. I then use the patcher on the latest version of the main pack every once in a while to create the FTB pack, Modded pack (has everything in it), Techkit pack, Magic FTB or any other modpack. By nature, this means using the patcher will get you newer textures, but not everything works well with older versions of mods like those in FTB. That's what's special about the FTB pack. FTB is soo old I had to fix paths and file names. :eek:

    I haven't updated the modded pack yet, but it's easy to do on your own. Just check all the boxes in the patcher. Since they all pull from the same repository, they all share the same textures. Also, definitely a team project.
  9. zahfelade

    zahfelade New Member

    Okay. Good to know. I've downloaded the patcher, and am using that. I've been playing mostly with the Magic Pack, so I've been using the Modded texture pack, instead of the FTB texture pack. Now that I've had time to look at the Patcher and see how it works, I'll be using that from now on.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Your texture pack is my favorite one out there.
  10. Kaffefilter

    Kaffefilter New Member

    dude! Good work! Just updated and it looks amazing! Great work bro! Give your self a shoulder pad from me ;)
    However, Iridium and Ruby Ores are missing.
    I'm mining with a silktouch axe, so I get the ores as blocks.
    One more error, you can't tell the direction on Redstone Energy Conduits from/to a machine hookup.
  11. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    @Kaffe: Bleh, I forgot to revert Gregtech to the old file format. That's what you get for trying to back port, I guess...
    I'll just remove that redstone conduit altogether. I already have support for a later version of TE that uses a new format for the conduit, so it will show up once FTB catches up.
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  12. Kaffefilter

    Kaffefilter New Member

    Thanks for the heads up ^^
  13. SpyMaster356

    SpyMaster356 New Member

    May i ask for a 32x version, my poor little lappy has a hard time with 64x textures.
  14. bugmcw

    bugmcw New Member

    Bauxite is down as well (just clear blocks, like iridium) but the Dust is OK
  15. heavy1metal

    heavy1metal New Member

    Everything looks so damn good. Very impressed with the work put into this. If anything, the only concern I have is for conduit wire/pipe - the connecting junction doesn't reflect the direction. You can normally use a wrench and change the direction that the energy is flowing. In vanilla texture, it looks like a Þ.
  16. Kaffefilter

    Kaffefilter New Member

    By any chance, you can make it easyer to see the diffrence between fully grown reeds and stickreeds? :)
  17. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    Ok, all files have been moved off of mediafire and onto our own server. If you have any problems downloading anything, twist and shout. Not a very big change for you guys, but a big step for the team. Big thanks goes to REDX and Goldbattle.

    -archives folder holds editions of packs for previous versions of MC
    -customizer folder holds files for the customizer being made
    -main folder holds the main downloads
    -mods folder holds individual mod zips (mainly for the mod patcher)

    I will make those fixes to gregtech and TE next, along with the zombie fix for the 1.2.5 FTB pack. Now I can update everything from FTP! Woo! I'm excited, this is neato.
  18. Kaffefilter

    Kaffefilter New Member

    Good job guys ;)
  19. Hawcian

    Hawcian New Member

    Are you guys ready for the impending update to 1.4.5/1.4.6? I imagine we'd be better off using the patcher for awhile.

    Haven't found a texture pack I liked as much as this one since Frenden stopped making his (waaaay back when), so I'm anxious. :D
  20. Shoeboxam

    Shoeboxam New Member

    Yes, we're quite ready in most cases. I am going to spend a good deal of time reworking RP textures next.
    ...and I thought I could go back to vanilla! Silly me!

    EDIT: I updated Soartex FTB.zip to 2.2.2. Jsut some minor bugfixes. Fixes Thermal expansion stuff, fixes gregtech ores.
    EDIT2: The soartex FTB for 1.2.5 has been updated, I fixed the zombies.
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