[32x] Faithful 1.4.7 Mindcrack v8.3.2.

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Warsteina, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    32x faithful texturpack for the current mindcrack version v8.3.2.

    base work is from :
    [32X] Faithful Texture Pack 1.4.7 DW20

    Big Thanks to you and Vattic.:) Faithful thread

    - new item textures for the advanced solar panel mod [​IMG]

    - i change the Apatite Ore to an older 32x texture from 1.4.6

    - change some of the blocks from Thermal Expansion to an other 32x texture with some detail work

    and some other optical changes.

    please tell me if you found some errors.

    let me know what you think ;)


    normal:Faithful 1.4.7 Mindcrack v8.3.2

    my mix version: FWF 1.4.7 Mindcrack v8.3.2

    update 31.3.
    - clean glass, another water and marble texture [​IMG]

    - little color changes for the Iron Chest's screenshot
  2. Vtecem

    Vtecem Well-Known Member

    Just curious, but why not just post this in the other Faithful thread and they can just merge it into theirs?
  3. acc1dent

    acc1dent Active Member

    The other thread's OP said they will not support other packs besides DW20 and may even remove any current support.
  4. Scum

    Scum Member

    Why did you remove the iron chest textures? Now they're just the original 16x ones, not the faithful 32x like they're supposed to be.

    Please add them back.
  5. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    is back :cool:
  6. Can you do textures for the updated Twilight Forest? I like to update my mods manually and the new blocks/items don't have textures.
  7. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    i'm working with the mod version in the mindcrack pack.

    for the time, delete the Twilight Forest folder in the texture pack, but I'll see what I can do;)
  8. ChiTown03

    ChiTown03 Well-Known Member

    Actually I said if someone wanted to update the Mindcrack pack that I would be more than happy to put it in the OP. I don't see a need for 4 faithful threads in the texture pack thread.
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  9. ScorpioDan

    ScorpioDan New Member

    Download not available
    File owner's public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)
  10. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    try the alternative download link.
  11. JezuitX

    JezuitX Well-Known Member

    Variety is the spice of life and I see nothing wrong with having some different interpretations of Faithful. That said this thread could do with some screens. Much thanks for all the hard work though and know it's appreciated.
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  12. drazath

    drazath Active Member

    Great job, though might I suggest Mediafire as an alternative download link? It doesn't have these annoying wait times/captcha's that other free hosts suffer from. Even dl speeds are better than rapidshare/uploaded.net.
  13. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    ah,ok. thanks.
  14. Roofus1090

    Roofus1090 New Member

    Is it possible to make the warded glass block texture look more like the vanilla warded glass texture? The one in this pack is currently completely clear with the symbols on it and since you can see straight through these, you see the symbols on the sides that should be hidden, makes it look like they aren't connecting to create a seamless looking design. The vanilla texture has a blue tint to it and the texture "connects" to the warded glass block next to it.

  15. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    yes, but only for texture item in the toolbar, not for the placed block, because the blue tint must go,with it looks really ugly.
  16. drazath

    drazath Active Member

    Hey, noticed that biomes don't affect tree leaves/grass color (they all default to regular bright green) - is it something I can control via Optifine settings, or would it require editing the texture pack files?
  17. The soldering iron gui is broken.
  18. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    @ darzath & Confidential1207 ,fixed and new link
  19. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

    posting this here too..​

  20. Warsteina

    Warsteina New Member

    why not Lambert2191;)
    i used some parts from ChiTown03 for this pack,and he can make the same,no problems with that.

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