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Casual Server [3.1.4] Looking for 1-2 for coop

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by paxy97, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. paxy97

    paxy97 New Member

    Hi everyone.
    I got bored of playing SSP so I decided to look for some AS servers, but most of the small ones are full. I can host a small server for up to 2 people, but if anybody is interested in playing and has a better PC/connection I'd recommend using yours. Also apply only if you're willing to use voice chat like skype or teamspeak.

    Age? IGN?
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  2. XxZalariaxX

    XxZalariaxX New Member

    Never played Argarian skies but I would like to try it out. My IGN is XxZalariaxX and I'm 17 years old
  3. kingwolfen

    kingwolfen New Member

    21/OpTic_WolfKiNg (iv played little agrarian skies) i currently play the yogscast pack and UMS....so wanna do other stuff as well when im not at work
    my skype is optic_wolfking so if u wanna chat while playing itd be fine.
  4. truextacy4u

    truextacy4u New Member

    Hey My Age is 25 my IGN: truextacy4u I have played quite a bit of AS by my self but anytime i try a MP server its just to choppy and not fun id love to play with sum one else hit me up =D email is [email protected] and i have a mic and i dont mind using VC
  5. EoN

    EoN New Member

    Age: 13
    IGN e0n_
    can you also add my friend?
    Age 13
    IGN Magmafireburns
  6. MagicLands123453

    MagicLands123453 New Member

    IGN: omri123453

    Would like to play with you as a partner, I'm tired of playing SinglePlayer
    I'll send my Skype after you apply me(if you want)
  7. Pingster

    Pingster New Member

    I'd love to join you, if you're okay with a working man who can only do afternoons on weekdays. I'm 22 and PingsterMan is my IGN. Though, since this is quite an old post, you've probably found someone else so uhm. Yeah, if anyone else wants to co-op, I'm down for that too.

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