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Open Server 24/7 - ImpactMC - DW20(1.0.1) 1.7.10 | Essentials + AntiGrief + Player Shops

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by MCProtect, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. MCProtect

    MCProtect New Member

    ImpactMC is a new server looking for more players to involve themselves in a friendly community and help us progress in a comfortable direction! We are currently taking suggestions as to pricing of packages, memberships, different rankings, plugins, additional mods, etc. and will be doing so until we have built a solid foundation for the rest of our players to come and enjoy.

    We're looking for staff as well, but you'll have to contact me in-game to inquire about those positions (and you should probably play on the server for a while first).

    We have 0 banned items right now, but that will probably change soon. (Sorry!)

    BuyCraft: https://impactstore.buycraft.net (Suggest packages for it!)

    I hope you enjoy playing on the server, and make sure to report any bugs!
    - MCProtect
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  2. MCProtect

    MCProtect New Member

    Bump + Update:
    - Spawn structure finished
    - VIP rank available on BuyCraft (with more to come)
    - Ultimate Material Pack is available!

    EDIT: First 10 BuyCraft customers can get 25% off their entire basket (ONE-TIME USE!) with the coupon code "iMCt10"!
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