Open [2.5.5] OreExcavator does not recognize similar log blocks as same

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    Summary of the problem [2.5.5] OreExcavator does not recognize similar log blocks as same

    Pack Version 2.5.4

    What is the bug? Some trees have similar (by metadata) log blocks in the world to form trees (sideways, or different edges), and OE does not see those as connected when chain harvesting.

    Veinminer did this correctly, but I think the VM configs had a few lines to tell that certain similar blocks were "the same". Not sure if OE has a similar connection override method.

    The main one I found this with was on Natura's bloodwood (red upside down trees, natura:bloodwood), as each of the edges is a different block with meta data 0-3.

    This means the 2x2 trunk is requires 4 separate connected harvests. Plus another for the "root" blocks (which are meta 15), but those were always a different vein anyways.

    This will likely also cause items with different "states" such as redstone ore to also fail being connected mined.

    Mod & Version OreExcavation 1.1.23

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix If OE supports some sort of override of which blocks are "the same", some items need to be exacted from the old 2.5.4 veinminer config, and added to the OE config.
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    Reported to the mod dev.
  3. Sorbe

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    Confirmed, I was just mining some 2x2 Bloodwood trees myself recently and had to hit them 4 times (4 slices).
  4. Funwayguy

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    Considering this doesn't happen on vanilla logs I'm going to assume those trees have specific item representations for those orientations/variants which is why Ore Excavation is detecting them as different blocks. I will see about adding in a block grouping override for this in future.

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