Open 2.5.3: Steve's Factory Manager + Ex Nihilo

Discussion in 'FTB Presents SkyFactory 2.5 1.7.10' started by Homosapienz, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Homosapienz

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    What is the bug:
    Hi all
    When trying to set up a steve's factory manager network i've encountered a problem in item searching. On the Machine Inventory manager I set up some conditions for an input ender chest. When editing the "Item" form and search for some Ex Nihilo stuff (such as Iron or Tin Ore Dusts), well the result found is 0 items. Then nothing from that mod can't be moved anywhere.
    Is this a bug or im i missing something ?

    Mod & Version: log:

    Can it be repeated:

    Known Fix:
  2. Darkosto

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    That's a really good question! I'll have to talk to the mod dev about this.
  3. RageBoy

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    Hey @Homosapienz!

    I encountered the same bug/problem, but i got a Known Fix/Workaround for it.

    Just take the Ore Sands and stuff in your inventory and type ".inv" in the search bar. You'll see all your stuf from your inventory right there ;)

    greets RageBoy

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