Open 2.5.3: Graphical glitch

Discussion in 'FTB Presents SkyFactory 2.5 1.7.10' started by Puffypandamaster, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Every time I load a preexisting world or new world all of the block's textures are glitched or invisible.

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  2. Masterfire52

    Masterfire52 New Member

    I got graphical glitches too. It worked directly after the installation, but after I closed it and reopened it, I got some crazy glitches. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mod version-2.5.3
    Windows 10

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  3. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    Check your video card drivers are up to date.
  4. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    I haven't heard about this from anyone else, and I haven't experienced this either. Like UniZero said, update your drivers and make sure everything is up to date. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

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