Open 2.5.3: Bugged/Flawed Holding enchantment in EnderIO Enchanter

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    What is the bug:
    The EnderIO enchanter offers recipes for all the levels of the Holding enchantment, however they require multiple Reinforced Strongboxes. Strongboxes don't stack, so levels II, III, IV are impossible.

    Given the higher XP requirements for the higher versions of the enchantment (100 for Holding IV), shouldn't the Enchanter be using the different versions of the strongbox (basic, hardened, reinforced, resonant) to differentiate between the versions of Holding, not try to stack the unstackable?

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    Just checked and this is true. There is a way around it though by using an anvil to combine the books to eventually make a holding IV book but this method will take more resources and quite a fair amount of experience especially it you intend on making a few holding IV chests.

    Edit: You can also use Bibliocraft to make more books if you use the printing press.

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