Open 2.3.3: Mana Pool Crafting New Recipes (Specifically Thaumcraft stuff)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019

What is the bug:
I've been trying to work on thaumcraft and in order for certain progression you, obviously, need Greatwood and Silverwood planks. The initial crafting requires dropping the logs into a mana pool to get 2 of each plank.
I drop the log into the pool and it does it's fancy particle effect, yet no items are received.
I have closed and reopened the modpack.
I have restarted my computer.
The items do not show up later (such as client/server miscommunication bugs).
I have stood DIRECTLY over the mana pool to drop them in.
Other native crafting recipes work, such as mana glass or mana poweder.
I have not tried other non-native crafting recipes.

Mod & Version:
Botania - r1.8-249 log:

Can it be repeated:
Yes, on my world, after closing and reopening both the world and the entire pack.
A gif can be made if necessary. No log as it does not cause a crash.

Known Fix:
Either using a different method to retrieve planks such as:
Using the arcane crafting table (which requires greatwood planks to obtain)
Using the sawmill
Trading with the Elves
Giving it to yourself in creative (dumb option, but meh)